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Still Life: Elevating the Mundane

Deadline for submissions: Jul 09, 2018
Prints due: Aug 16, 2018
Exhibition: September 5 - September 29, 2018

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGR01391 99049
Honorable Mention
Geoffrey Agrons
BLU67559 39266
Lester Blum
DUD68017 20638
Patricia de Ocio Dudley
Untitled 29, from the series "Light Matters"
DUE32561 00834
Steven J. Duede
Evanescence (Number 63)
DUT88166 00287
Robert David Dutruch
Ferrous 1
EIS97765 17757
Katrin Eismann
Futility of Memory: Fleeting Riches
GAR75603 89434
Rheana Gardner
GOD05857 68096
Charlotte May
Dental 2
HAM76152 65184
Julie Hamel
HEI63597 05808
Juror's Award
Jackie Heitchue
Nothin' But Waiting
HIL00372 44713
Director's Award
A Device to be Heard
KIS07533 23340
Emma Kisiel
Mount Angel Abbey Museum
KNI35368 16131
Steve Knight
Grandma's Kitchen
KOT93973 76354
Susan Kott
Time's Up
LYL80862 76730
Kevin Lyle
Still Life 13602
MAJ02668 66264
Landry Major
Old Fire
OXT93991 57978
David Oxton
Sticks and String and Wire
PHI82193 11752
Honorable Mention
Betsy Phillips
Alley Still Life
RIT21602 88212
Erika Ritzel
Grapefruit - Murphysboro, Illinois
ROT88612 55566
Rebecca Rothey
Battling Allium
SAM53142 87358
Jeremy Samuelson
SHA02681 03162
Kerry Sharkey-Miller
Comfort Station, Morocco
SHE46485 26248
Li Shen
Colander and Salt
SIL95654 89069
Sara Silks
Geography is Destiny
SJA33574 41157
Kristin Sjaarda
Poppy and Blackburnian Warblers, 2017
SMI34549 59032
Lynda SmithSchick
Garlic, Daikon and Snowballs
STO56565 50201
Sue Palmer Stone
Liza on Vacation
SWA30632 38152
Honorable Mention
Wayne Swanson
Dad's Tools
TER01846 01488
JP Terlizzi
VIE28545 17599
Carlos Bueno
Pomegranate on Pink and Yellow
GOL23859 27376
Steve Goldband and Ellen Konar
WAT52358 02754
Dawn Watson
WAT69182 94034
Charlotte Watts
Perhaps It Is Not Dark Inside After All
WAT97058 91015
Janice Watson
Clara Sitting
ZHA47978 27014
Yelena Zhavoronkova
Behind the Scenes. Three.
AHO62551 98706 fit
Jim Aho
Simple Gifts - Book II - No 50
BIL70154 66517 fit
Debra Bilow
Paper Study No. 1, Untitled No. 3
BLA54602 36046 fit
Laurie Blakeslee
Gene's Suits
BRY58258 01334 fit
Susan Bryant
CHE27516 70039 fit2
Krista Cheney
Daisy and Oxalis in Ice
CLA73281 44943 fit
Robin E. Clark
Break Time
DAM56743 28831 fit
Lucas Damiani
My Mother's Eggs
DES67843 00353 fit
Hedi B. Desuyo
You Too?
DIL47051 34181 fit
Eric Dillenberger
DOB86959 24766 fit
Parrish Dobson
Hat Pins
GEO56273 32432 fit
Susan Georgette
The Comfort Zone #3
GOK42819 04542 fit
Nadide Goksun
Untitled #4
GOO77919 56562 fit
Catherine Goodman
1 Tulip
HAN57374 81923 fit
Suzanne Hanson
Leaving Linden Street
HEI63597 26311 fit
Jackie Heitchue
HIL00372 16234 fit
A Device for Moving Clouds
HOB35863 85438 fit
Mark Hobson
HOL16428 25632 fit
John Holmgren
District of the Penguins
JOH93644 75777 fit
Michael Johnson
Steal This Chair, Jones Beach
KEL16836 14968 fit
Jyl Kelley
L'ouvo 2018 (Giovanni Bellini 1501)
MAI88661 35319 fit
Sue Maida
MAR13592 44552 fit
Phil Marty
Deconstructed Flowers #8
OLS93313 39508 fit
Rosanne Olson
Peonies in Blue Vase
PIC20122 16903 fit
Anton Pickard
Old Age
POL13308 87102 fit
Agafia Polynchuk
Untitled, 2014
REE02511 33092 fit
Steve Reeves
Pill Packets
REI45162 44348 fit
Albert George
Floating Cloth, 2016
ROB51265 76116 fit
Allison Roberts
Artifact II
ROS18458 77884 fit
Clare Ross
Bloom Pop
RUB81473 29338 fit
Marian Rubin
RUS00877 21308 fit
Lindley Rust
Winter's Morning
SAW41259 73893 fit
Mark Sawrie
SKE85127 42311 fit
Kristin Skees
Yawning Beagles #2
SMI12945 38691 fit
Tara Smith
In Wonder
SMI78654 76676 fit
Alison A. Smith
Still Life with Pomanders and Pomegranate
SMI89472 19608 fit
Janet Smith
Gently Falling
SOM14137 80377 fit
Dora Somosi
Untitled 29, Altered Landscapes, 2016
SPA67236 67148 fit
Gregory Spaid
Leaf Cut #18 (Oak), 2018
THO73858 69385 fit
Ashton Thornhill
Floating Still Life #4
TOM18063 43359 fit
Richard Tomasulo
Estate Sale: Horses and Swans

Juror: Kimberly Witham
Gallery exhibition: September 5 - 29, 2018

Juror's Statement

Still life is a deceptively difficult subject to capture well. In order for an image to be successful, light, composition, color, line, texture, and form must all work seamlessly to elevate simple objects to something more. In making my selections, I first looked for skillful use of light. Some of the images I selected have dark or moody light while some have a brighter more cheerful tone. In each of the selected works, the light evokes an atmosphere or feeling that contributes to the success of the piece. On a personal level, I am attracted to beauty, whimsy, mystery and humor. I am looking for images with a story to tell. 

In jurying this exhibition, I was impressed by the creativity, technical skill and passion evident in the images submitted, and I thank all of those who shared their imagery with me. If your work was selected – congratulations!  If your work was not chosen, don’t despair. At the end of the day a juror is one person looking over thousands of images to select a handful for an exhibition. 

    – Kimberly Witham

Call for Entries

Still life images pepper our lives. Eyes linger on objects that catch the light, or on curved lines that flow against a harder edge or a blank wall. Within stillness, texture, color, subject, light, and shadow all intertwine to tell a story. Something happened here. Something was left.

Whether found or created, still life images may become quiet and powerful forms of personal expression. A compelling photographic still life will make us pause to look at what might have been considered mundane. For this exhibition, we seek images that represent subjects in new and interesting ways, and that perhaps push the limits of what we might consider “still life.”

We are very pleased that Kimberly Witham will be jurying and curating this exhibition. She will select approximately 35 images for exhibition in the gallery, and 35 for our Online Gallery Annex. The recipients of the Juror’s Award and the Director’s Award will each be entitled to a personal portfolio review by Ms. Witham.

See Kimberly Witham's website here.

About the Juror

Kimberly Witham was born and raised in Wakefield, Rhode Island. She earned a BA in Art History from Duke University and an MFA in photography from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. Her photographs are strongly influenced by her studies in art history and her interest in the natural world. Since moving to New Jersey in 2006, her work has focused on the relationship between humans and wildlife. Her still life images include road kill animals, yard sale items, and flowers and fruit (often grown in the artist’s own garden).

Her work has been featured in Color Magazine, PHOTO+, BLOW photo,The Photo Review, BLINK, Foto and Wired (online) and has been used as cover illustration for books in the US and France. In 2016 National Geographic created a short film about Kimberly’s studio practice entitled “Making Roadkill Into Art.” She has won awards and grants including the Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Award, a fellowship at the Center for EmergingVisualArtists,an Honorable Mention for the Clarence John Laughlin Award and the Lindback Distinguished teaching award. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in the United States and abroad and is held in numerous private collections. Kimberly is represented by KLOMPCHING Gallery in Brooklyn, Soren Christensen Gallery in New Orleans, and Gallery Kayafas in Boston.

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