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The Color of Light

Deadline for submissions: Jan 23, 2017
Prints due: Feb 24, 2017
Exhibition: March 8 - April 8, 2017

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ARB90348_43865 - for website
Talya Arbisser / Early Morning Chores
BLA69655_43587 - for website
G.L. Blanchard / Sixty Eight
BUN50679_07687 - for website
Nancy Stalnaker Bundy / Transformation
CAV14913_28286 - for website
Honorable Mention
Jane Cave / Isla Mujeres
DIM69609_75167 - for website
Dimo Dimov / Green Sea with Birds
DYB07633_71942 - for website
Director's Award
Roy DyBuncio / Relaxing
ESC08827_02484 - for website
James Eschinger / Mexico 6
FEI76535_72851 - for website
Andrew Feiler / Rear Window
FIS95099_28149 - for website
Monique Fischer /
Bubbles, Amsterdam
FOL13517_40546 - for website
Steven Foldes /
Fireworks at the Fiesta de Santa Prisca
GAL71965_16898 - for website
Briana Gallo /
Hamer Tribe Sunset Omo Valley
GAT22502_24998 - for website
Ashley Gates /
Yellow Booth, Mississippi
GIN60649_96181 - for website
Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin /
Moon in Trees, Kauai
GOO31234_40914 - for website
Guyer Goodnow / Colors and Shadows
GRI09563_47265 - for website
Konstantin Gribov / Dreams
HAC54564_98222 - for website
Linda Hacker /
#You Can't Get There From Here
HAR25137_52877 - for website
Sally Harris / On the Road to Timbuktu
HEN44052_10609 - for website
Anne Henning / Barn Car Reflection
London City Reflections
Jocelyn Horsfall /
London City Reflection - Fall Foliage
HOW76266_03697 - for website
George Howard / Circus Lights
JAC03508_28621 - for website
Steven Jackson / Serilhac, France
KRA26611_93871 - for website
Irit Kraushar / Tangerine
LEG19686_01316 - for website
Gaye Leggat / Turquoise Bus
Japan - Basho's Path November 2016 with Sam Abell and George Nobechi
Nancy Lehrer / For Hire
Paris Lavatory, Robynne Limoges
Robynne Limoges /
Ophelia at the Hilton
MAR17734_01648 - for website
Dawn Marshall / Unsightly Flamboyant
MAY76735_44045 - for website
Lily Mayfield / Night Swim
MAZ65334_50271 - for website
Honorable Mention
Jolanta Mazur / Boxed In
MON10741_61329 - for website
Honorable Mention
Lacey Monroe / The Hammock
NAS21155_46104 - for website
Timothy Nash / Rose City Till I Die
NEW04966_11777 - for website
Juror's Award
Bob Newman / Morning Prayer
NOB82985_10643 - for website
George Nobechi /
Group Portrait, Cherry Festival, Aomori
POS67243_61385 - for website
Stuart Posner / Parade Peekaboo
PRI04198_22627 - for website
Jennifer Pritchard / City Slicker
VAN35903_34481 - for website
Tyler Vance / Procession

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