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The Decisive Moment

Deadline for submissions: Dec 11, 2017
Juror: Sam Abell
Prints due: Jan 19, 2018
Exhibition: January 31 - March 3, 2018

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ACH29651_87547- juror
Deb Achak / The Queue, Maui
AND97893_32685- juror
Amy Anderson /
Obed and Moe,

from the series "At Risk, with Promise"
ARC04982_64814- juror
Roger Archibald /
Barber Chair Sequence (2)
BAR56593_34576- juror
David Bartlett /
Photographers At Aviary/
Columbus Zoo
BEA84395_39868- juror
Kay Beausoleil / Standoff
BER07825_88483- juror
John Bernhard / Houston Flood
BLA79826_19644- juror
Jill Jordan / Pike
CAS60625_23995- juror
Lorraine Castillo / Illusions
CAV14913_60543- juror
Jane Cave / Hooked Up
CON56496_14306- juror
Beverly Conley /
Woman Plucking a Chicken,
Elkins, Arkansas
DON69779_27889- juror
Jennifer Rose /
Fleeing My Shadow
FOU31249_00832- juror
Collette V. Fournier /
"Ms. Alma Series"
HAR25137_90015- juror
Sally Harris / One Man Band
HAU31126_79087- juror
Hank Hauptmann /
Untitled, Boston, MA, 2016
IVA66735_81913- juror
Paul Ivanushka /
Mika Penning
JAM44299_29737- juror
Merritt James /
The Jump
JAM44299_50705- juror
Merritt James / One Sick One Well
KIM43195_25329- juror
John Kimmich-Javier /
Encierro, Pamplona, Spain
MAL75169_43087- juror
Brian Malloy /
Man at Table Grand
Central Market, Downtown LA
MCD18133_11888- juror
Ann W. McDonald /
Sunrise on the Ganges
MOS48698_10008- juror
Rebecca Moseman /
Christina and Dog, Irish
Traveler Halting Site
NEU46434_33722- juror
Marjorie Neu / After the Kill
NOB82985_91112- juror
George Nobechi /
Walk, Run, Leap at the D.T.
Suzuki Zen Museum, Kanazawa
O'S67556_87259- juror
Melissa O'Shaughnessy /
Op Art, 34th Street, New York
ORT18741_61179- juror
Richard Orton /
Dinner on the Grounds
POS78806_73115- juror
Daniel Lee Postaer /
San Francisco, California Street, 2015
PRO17506_24392- juror
James Prochnik /
Running Late
SAG29453_41638- juror
Stefano Sagri /
SMO16888_61914- juror
Linda Smogor /
Thorey's Wedding
SUT90382_51296- juror
Sonia Suter /
After the Meltdown
WAG82852_59836- juror
Dan Wagner /
Midtown NYC
WIN86681_08561- juror
Caren Winnall / Gust

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