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The Poetry of the Ordinary

Deadline for submissions: Sep 11, 2023
Juror: Sarah Sudhoff
Prints due: Oct 19, 2023
Exhibition: November 3 - November 24, 2023

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

21X17565 99035 web
Streetmax 21
Groyne 270814
AKE17808 29917 web
Joseph Akerman
The Sand Weeps for the Tide
ALL05308 24444 web
Laura Ally
AND69053 41475 web
Robert Anderson
AND76964 93058 web
Laurel Anderson
Mesilla 2018
BAR79356 08357 web
Robert Barley
BEA84395 35294 web
Kay Beausoleil
Up and Down
BEL09165 96393 web
Barry Bellovin
BIS21813 12102 web
Bonnie Bishop
Old Tires
BRI61624 46831 web
Terri Bright
Untitled 2019
BUT79747 41176 web
Ronald Butler
Headed Home
CAL75809 11047 web
Linda Caldwell
Sinks al Fresco
CHA39803 75686 web
Ed Chaney
Contemporary Communication
DAV00937 01028 web
Laura Beth Davidson
DAV00937 94528 web
Laura Beth Davidson
CRU88582 56955 web
Amanda Cruise
Hot Day in April
FIT15693 95015 web
Joan Fitzsimmons
Small & Large Thoughts 196
GLI80804 41869 web
Andrew Z. Glickman
Permission to Play 2023
HOL02015 31507 web
Richena Holbert
Child of the Light
HUC95625 34056 web
Bethany Huckins
Pie Season
JAI96481 76471 web
Ranu Jain
Window at Dusk
JOH93644 36607 web
Michael Johnson
Schoolyard, Washington Heights
LAL30824 60459 web
Maria LaLeva
LAU39312 59104 web
Denise Laurinaitis
Palm Tree Hug
LAV35379 87238 web
Anitra Lavanhar
On Her Phone
LED00715 47228 web
Alan Leder
Still Water (The Pool At 7am)
LEV57523 94988 web
Jill LeVine
MCC48769 61342 web
Ruth McCully
Walled Garden
MCC72007 02549 web
Debbie McCulliss
Yellowstone Hoar Frosted Trees
MOR99268 99979 web
C E Morse
Don't Cry: A Gallon's Worth of Regret
RAF19172 82245 web
Yasmine Rafii
Wicker Park
ROD60037 50055 web
Kathryn Rodrigues
SCH55288 37448 web
Wright Schickli
Great-Grandma's Candlestick
STR85711 79032 web
Sarah Strickler
Woman Running Across Big Meadows
TIL96457 65972 web
Marcy Tilton
Main House Kitchen
WAT37868 38908 web
Tracy Watts
No Simple Answers Here
WIL32742 64072 web
Glen Wilbert
The Climb - Lifeguard Camp, Huntington Beach
WIL79034 71476 web
Eric Williams
The Piano at Wayne Grange
WIS88534 36947 web
Lisa Wissner-Slivka
Ferry Dance
ZDE65842 96891 web
Catherine Zdeblick
Floating on a Whim

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