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Quiet Landscape

Deadline for submissions: Mar 08, 2021
Now closed to submissions
Prints due: Apr 16, 2021
Exhibition: April 30 - May 21, 2021

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGE21512 13939 juror
Warren Agee
AVA13741 21231 juror
Bob Avakian
Around the Bend
BAB93734 91712 juror
Steve Babbitt
Trees in Snow
BEN36451 47282 juror
Alyce Bender
Winds Whisper
BOL98839 74357 juror
Scott Bolendz
Eternity's Precipice
BOR56011 89411 juror
Honorable Mention
Diana Borden
Post Friday Night Lights
CAM95475 60617 juror
Director's Award
Thierry Camus
CEB15811 14081 juror
Honorable Mention
Claudia Cebrian
Night Garden
CON93457 34644 juror
Jim Congleton
Turning Tide, Dusk
DAN52822 20848 juror
Dotty Danforth
Farewell to Summer Pastures
DOW70508 91826 juror
Robin Downs
Winter Grace
DUM36941 10529 juror
David Dumo
Untitled (M.V., No. 581)
FRA97953 22966 juror
Daniel Franc
Goodbye Fall
FUE06703 56736 juror
Frank Fuerst
GRA02256 18529 juror
Mathias Grate
Untitled, from the series Before Silence
HAM67575 03693 juror
Juror's Award
Andrea Hamilton
Enchanted Islands No.2
HAR74891 91977 juror
Ainhoa Hardy
Uluru's Back
HAT21465 86282 juror
Megan Hatch
Coming Home
HEL18132 36268 juror
Susan Helms
Winter Summer
HER49112 67252 juror
Elaine Jones Heron
Clearing Winter Storm in Iceland
HES27698 12846 juror
Sheryl Hess
KAR40298 68956 juror
Costas Kariolis
Lead Me Home
KAR50221 33577 juror
Ted & Nune Karamyan
Promise of Storm
LAD53236 64997 juror
Thomas Ladd
Shade Tobacco Cloth
MOU11209 84477 juror
Honorable Mention
Samuel Moulin
Ominous Humming
RUS49263 12076 juror
Ralph Russo
Aspen, Independence Pass
RYA67077 14677 juror
Brooke T Ryan
Yellow Bus
SCH05975 12653 juror
Tom Schifanella
The Moment is Now
SLO93956 02754 juror
Ellen Slotnick
Reaching In
SOM78694 30014 juror
William Mark Sommer
Lone Cowboy
WAL66175 30714 juror
Ann Waldman
Fall Poplars, Boardman, Oregon
WAL94474 94868 juror
Emma Walsh
The Legs
WES80709 89309 juror
Rebecca Weston
WIN12275 98543 juror
Thomas Winter
Sandstone Ripples
ZAI23003 53645 juror
Honorable Mention
Natalina Zainal

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