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January 3 - January 27, 2018

The State of America

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AMA66079_46118- juror
Michael Amato / Smugglers' Notch, November 2015
APP78268_16547- juror
Robin Ay / Gotta Go
BEE99614_62592- juror
Gary Beeber /
A Little Help
BLA79826_56207- juror
Jill Jordan / Hear Our Voice
BOO16789_74957- juror
Greg Boozell / Old Glory Sings
BUL69368_65978- juror
Brendan Bullock /
Public Square, Cleveland,
Republican National Convention 2016
CHE61091_08359- juror
Jessica Chen / A Human Right (2017)
DAR76046_65272- juror
Oren Darling /
Decisions, Decisions
DAV75169_94962- juror
Petra Davis / Capitol
DEL55094_65342- juror
Chelle Delaney /
Pillars of Democracy
DUN35779_90312- juror
Sarah Dunagan / Rocking Chair 6am
FLA27419_30583- juror
Richard Flansburg / Big Deer
GEN18146_08602- juror
Edwin Gendron / Youth
GOL23859_27916- juror
Steve Goldband and Ellen Konar /
Election Eve Vigil I
HAA47657_47898- juror
Lau Haaning /
Goldfield Sculpture Garden
KAT90565_07218- juror
Richard Katz / Flag Protest 1
KOH00477_88783- juror
Jim Kohatsu / Hear Our Voice
KOR72789_35775- juror
Pam Korman / Untitled No. 5
KUN98166_02361- juror
Eric Kunsman /
Kodak Hawkeye Plant,
Rochester, NY
LAV40056_91501- juror
Dick Lavine /
"The law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges..."
MAH75533_05562- juror
Marie Maher /
Just Another Tuesday Night in America
MAI68473_82233- juror
Victoria Maidhof /
Anne, The Heritage Inn, 2015
MON56318_51478- juror
Emmanuel Monzon /
Urban Sprawl Emptiness
REI41845_50786- juror
Joseph E. Reid /
The Border Wall
SAA49788_07625- juror
Timo Saarelma /
These Days (2)
SAY29948_23007- juror
Ann McCormick Saybolt /
Fourth of July
SKA42356_43722- juror
J. Michael Skaggs / Strange Fruit
SLA49288_35443- juror
Tim Slaven / Fear #3
SMI80018_44774- juror
Eric Smith / M.T. Liggett Sculptures
SMI80018_53194- juror
Eric Smith /
Miracle Matt
Grain Silo
Joe Stroud / Abandoned Silo
WAT32163_83905- juror
Adam D. Watkins /
Introspect #4
WEI02918_86769- juror
Sandra Chen Weinstein /
Love All People
WIL18293_62983- juror
Jeff Wiles /
Rizzo Defaced - South Philadelphia
Mildred Alpern / The Dinner Hour
AMA66079_66162- juror
Michael Amato / Georgie's Diner, December 2011
ANG10137_58802- juror
Giordano Angeletti /
Between Orangeburg
& Savannah #07
APP78268_24926- juror
Robin Ay / The Wall
May Day Chicago 05-01-17
Nelson Armour /
Portraits of Protest - 5
BAR48769_65001- juror
Rick Barry / Ninety-Nine
BAR48769_86093- juror
Rick Barry / Buy More Stuff
BOO16789_83472- juror
Greg Boozell /
Boy with Machine Gun
BRO91052_37071- juror
Joan Lobis Brown /
New Alternatives 3
DAR48432_96612- juror
Chelsea Darter /
Mom in Her Walking Coat
DAV75169_70541- juror
Petra Davis / Grant Street
DUN99564_69923- juror
Anne Smith Duncan /
Staten Island Ferry 4:10pm
FEI76535_84904- juror
Andrew Feiler /
Diving Board - John H. Lewis Complex
GOL23859_17667- juror
Steve Goldband and Ellen Konar /
State of Liberty
KAN27474_12146- juror
Barbara Kantz / Vegas Diner
Rick Kattelmann /
Together in Awe
KOR72789_09298- juror
Pam Korman / Untitled No. 13
MAH75533_86153- juror
Marie Maher / Silenced
MAI68473_27796- juror
Victoria Maidhof /
Wayland with Pet Rat, 2014
MCG14395_85205- juror
Laurie McGowan /
General Store, Colorado<
MIN73502_69091- juror
Allison Minto / Sisters
MON56318_06225- juror
Emmanuel Monzon /
Urban Sprawl Emptiness
MOR81219_03429- juror
Christine Moriello /
Red Delicious
MOY94251_19321- juror
John D. Moyers /
uncle sam rides again...
4th of july parade... bristol, vermont
RIO73272_07294- juror
Dale Rio /
Water Tower and Shack,
Durham, North Carolina
RUC42102_48738- juror
David Ruck / Lamp Post, Hope, AR
SAA49788_37925- juror
Timo Saarelma / These Days (3)
SUL70529_27957- juror
Francis Sullivan / got joy?
WAT32163_40963- juror
Adam D. Watkins /
Introspect 1
WES23825_63437- juror
Kurt Westbrook /
Homeless Cats
WIL18293_16869- juror
Jeff Wiles / Miss Kansas
ZAH38426_69696- juror
Robert Zahn /
Couple, Venice, CA



Jurors' Statement

Photographing the State of America is more challenge than assignment. Beyond attempting to record any part of America at a given time, it asks the photographer to delve into another realm of understanding, one where photographs capture essence, where moments speak of enduring time, where icons become the inquisitors of our shared identity. Many photographers have attempted this alchemy, most notably Robert Frank, of course. To seek that quintessence in this diverse gathering of photographs was my honor and challenge. 

I sought something beyond recording, aiming at a collection of images that, taken together, would express something of how we Americans see ourselves, collectively, here in 2017. Technique varied. Included are many genres, from straight documentary to created theatrical scenes, from disturbing portraits to introspective scenes of domestic solitude. What emerges is a disquieting sense of a country not at ease with itself, not sure how or where to see that longed-for rectitude of our national spirit, now slipping away like the half-remembered face of a departed loved one. It seemed significant, for instance, that in an image awash in patriotic fervor a sea of flags served only to fracture the scene into shards like broken glass. And that a street scene of holiday spirit, floating in bubbles (perhaps the happiest picture of the show) should also contain a bomb squad truck. 

Whether this is who we really are, or just who we think we are, the effort to see the truth and gather it into collective statement is deeply rewarding. Thank you for letting me be part of this vision.

- Jim Richardson

About the Juror

Jim Richardson is a photographer for National Geographic Magazine and a contributing editor for its sister publication, TRAVELER Magazine.  His work takes him around the world, from the tops of volcanic  peaks to below the surface of swamps and wetlands. He has photographed more than 30 stories for National Geographic.

In addition to his color photography, Richardson has built a distinguished body of black-and-white documentary work about rural Kansas life.  Richardson speaks nationally and internationally.  He lives in Lindsborg, Kansas, where his work is featured at his gallery, Small World.

Call for Entries

What images reflect your feelings about America today? Some of us are worried about America’s place in the world. The changing climate. The fading reality of the American dream for our family.

Others of us remain awed by the vast beauty of America. The strength and independence of its people. Americans’ willingness to step up to help neighbors in times of crisis.

Regardless of your opinions or your nationality, we welcome images that evoke the broad range of emotions and events of this extraordinary period in United States history. They need not be political — just let your images tell us how you feel about the state of America today.

All capture methods and processes are welcome.