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Transformations: The Ordinary Made Extraordinary

Juror: Ellen Jantzen
Exhibition: December 3 - December 27, 2013

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

Jean Albus - Bridger, MT Atmospheric Disturbance
Giordano Angeletti - Savannah, GA Ordinary Vistas #26
Elizabeth Baker - Houston, TX Green Pastures
Jennifer Bucheit - Middleton, WI Clothespins
Melitte Buchman - Brooklyn, NY Secret Language
Krista Cheney - St. George, VT Buttercup and Daisy in Ice
Mark Crummett - Portland, OR The Bonding
Marcus DeSieno - Tampa, FL Self-Portrait #1: Epithelial Cell
John DuBois - Issaquah, WA Glass Orchid
Lars Andreas Dybvik - Trondheim, Norway Storm
AnnieLaurie Erickson - New Orleans, LA 30°28'5.88"N, 91°12'37.73"W (Port Allen)
Virginia Catherine Fairchild - Houston, TX Sticky Notes 04 (Nota Bene Series)
Jennifer Georgescu - El Cerrito, CA System of Interdependent Terms untitled #11
Brandon Gorman - Hoboken, NJ Masculinity IV
George Grubb - New York, NY Killer Whale
Amanda Marie Harner - Damscus, MD 25
Sue Anne Hodges - West Newbury, MA Boatscape #1
Sarah Horan - Savannah, GA Many Mirrors of Myself
Carlos Jordao - Key Biscayne, FL The Force
Eric Levin - Montclair, NJ Examining Room, New Jersey - 2004
LeeAnne Mallonee - Bangor, ME Passages
Madison McKenna - Hopkinton, MA Untitled
Yvette Meltzer - Evanston, IL Eye See You
Math Monahan - Ypsilanti, MI Specimen 02187
Dick Nosbisch - Denver, CO Vanishing Life
Scott Owen Pierce - Lutz, FL Spirit Cave
Hillary Nicole Reed - Dunedin, FL Engrossed
Matt Roberts - Montclair, NJ 42nd St #1
Kristen Roles - Tampa, FL #740B-5 Bradford Brown, from the series Liberation of the Paint Swatches
Keith Shapiro - State College, PA Through the Glass
Tone Elin Solholm - Oslo, Norway Untitled, 2013, Saba
Bill Sosin - Chicago, IL Heavy Weather
Jane Szabo - Altadena, CA Light (from the series Light Bulbs)
Larry Torno - St. Louis, MO Pyramids of Saint Louis
Benita R. VanWinkle - Winston-Salem, NC Bee House, Winston-Salem, NC
Nora Vrublevska - Cambridge, MA Cone Shaped Tree
David Wade - Portland, ME Seeds
Roy Whiddon - Ottawa, Ontario Dragon
Gregory A. Williams - Rockville, MD Jenga
Dianne Yudelson - Pleasanton, CA End of an Era

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