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Water: Element of Change

Deadline for submissions: Apr 13, 2020
Now closed to submissions
Prints due: Jun 18, 2020
Exhibition: July 2 - July 25, 2020

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ACH20345 05557 juror
Debra Achen
Long Swash
ALE63214 03869 juror
Carlos Alejandro
Congaree Bottomland
AXF27302 35699 juror
Patty Axford
Great Meadows Refuge
CAD39601 73192 juror
Catherine Caddigan
A Winter Walk
CAU17125 52417 juror
Carlos Causo
Temporal Illusion
CHE03359 77286 juror
Magali Chesnel
Water evacuation
CHR85983 88393 juror
Paul Christener
Still Moments III
COV58425 83309 juror
Robert L. Covington
Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska
DAN75317 91148 juror
D. Dangott
Winter Tree Reflection on Lick Creek
DUN18165 00944 juror
Barry Dunn
GER89012 28843 juror
Kathleen Gerber
Montana de Oro
GES57034 37779 juror
Lars Gesing
GOK42819 30639 juror
Nadide Goksun
HOL58005 09135 juror
Kimberly Holtyn
Seeing the Light
HOL65568 63797 juror
Alina Holodov
Lençóis Maranhenses
HUH46833 55058 juror
Christine Huhn
Coyote Hills Marsh, CA
JOH42342 03134 juror
Neil Johansson
After the Rain
JOY46902 45452 juror
Nanette Joyce
KAR48822 67208 juror
Mel Karlberg
KEL25781 61887 juror
John E. Kelly
Snow Peak
KOC98053 36498 juror
Joan Kocak
Surfaces 1
KRA44868 29945 juror
Kevin Krautgartner
Tidal Tree
LIN37267 62198 juror
Penny Linn
Stained Glass
LUC78433 40378 juror
Jen Lucas
Breaking Surface
MCK37479 26539 juror
Jim McKinniss
Blue Ocean
MEI00735 57689 juror
Teresa Meier
MUL06692 33297 juror
Jason Mullins
NOR09424 38491 juror
Carolyn Norton
PET41683 19531 juror
Mark Peterman
The Road Through the Forest
PIE27853 53677 juror
Anne Piessens
RID33756 03885 juror
Kristianne Riddle
RUB81473 78234 juror
Marian Rubin
The River in Fog
SMI40149 02185 juror
Lee Smith
Steamy Window, Rainy Day
WEB60422 28207 juror
Rachel Weber
Malibu Green
YOU28092 73813 juror
Beamie Young
ACH20345 58655 juror
Debra Achen
The Outlet
AGR01391 87137 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
Free Swim
ANO97377 48989 juror
Mitchell Anolik
Blue Hour Rocks
BEN73214 22284 juror
Lynne Bentley-Kem
6-28-16 6:39AM squall
BRO15624 48905 juror
John Brooks
Waterfall, Sri Lanka
BUS54247 73117 juror
Marie Bush
BUT79747 65216 juror
Ronald Butler
The Kick Inside
CAU17125 35741 juror
Carlos Causo
Doomed Domes
CON83304 88265 juror
Anne Connor
Marty Visits the Canal
DAN52822 66518 juror
Dotty Danforth
Winter Tidepools
DAV98479 75491 juror
Jim Davis
Indiana Stratus
DOB86959 57972 juror
Parrish Dobson
Storm at Sea 2
DON82031 31401 juror
Barry Dunn
Rising Tide
DUN18165 95166 juror
Alexandria Donovan
Creekside Fog
GOK42819 29268 juror
Nadide Goksun
Hello summer
GUI39087 89559 juror
Nicholas Guilbert
King of the Hill
HOL82742 11196 juror
Susan Holtz
HUH46833 41999 juror
Christine Huhn
Sutro Bath Ruins, California
JEA92498 10604 juror
Leslie Jean-Bart
Ascension Too
JOH42342 29568 juror
Neil Johansson
JON44133 40712 juror
Morrow Jones
The Orient Dew
KAN67938 13756 juror
Robert Kanich
Surf in Carolina Moonlight
KAY99245 39633 juror
Elizabeth Kayl
KOC98053 59078 juror
Joan Kocak
LAK35588 07426 juror
Alison Lake
Tethered Swan, Hakone, Japan
MAS51265 73633 juror
Yoshitaka Masuda
Floating autumn leaves
MAS93256 17622 juror
Aashish Maskey
The Wait
MON90164 14117 juror
Antonin Monmart
La barque
PAR74662 48218 juror
Susan Partridge
Falling Waves
PEL20734 37025 juror
Anne Pelletier
A Strange Sense
POD81551 80251 juror
Shweta Poddar
Shapes of Water
POT24813 02106 juror
Michael Potts
Searching in Subconcious
ROA45603 73359 juror
Jan Roald
Inside and Outside (My House)
RUB92129 30846 juror
Joe Rubino
Water 5
SCH17252 80086 juror
Jackie Schuler
Memories Close to my Heart
SHE88702 13704 juror
Paul David Shea
Five Feet Deep
SKA50358 09916 juror
Dominique Skarzenski
TOR28068 75966 juror
Mary Tortorici
Trees, Estill County, KY
ZIN33405 14907 juror
Andrea Zinn
LP After the Storm 1

Juror's Statement

Early seafaring diaries tell of endless adventures while exploring the vast oceans. They reminisce about the abundance of fish, the mystery, the beauty, but also the dangers and hardships of taking to the sea. Across time and civilizations, water has lost little of its mesmerizing hold on us, inspiring countless paintings, novels and accounts of daring action. The photographers in this exhibition marvel at the magnificence of water in its many manifestations from microscopic ice crystal to endless expanse beyond the horizon, life-sustaining or threatening, gentle and generous, or savagely volatile. When people are present, they are usually submerged for a refreshing swim, as if mere observation from the shores is not enough. Water calls to us with a sweet and irresistible siren’s call. In most image water and nature are shown in harmony, though there are also suggestions of civilization encroaching. Humans, it seems, are called to nature to take in its grandeur, while also becoming its greatest threat.

The exhibition drew an abundance of images that stretched to far corners of the world, yet also discovered adventures in photographers’ backyards. The images celebrate, glorify, immerse and connect. Image after image, we are enticed by nature’s wholesome beauty. While styles and viewpoints stretch the full gamut of highest quality, it is worthwhile to highlight a few of the submissions.  The photographs by Juror’s Award recipient Carlos Causo are breathtakingly beautiful. Image after image, the perfect place coincides with the perfect breeze, the perfect sun and the most dramatic sky pattern. The photographs convey a freshness in perspective combined with an overall sense of discovery. It is all too easy to imagine that we too could frolic at these beaches, lazily drift on our floating cushions in the pool, or take our raft into these gentle waves. On the other hand, the photograph by Director’s Award recipient Teresa Meier is one of the few constructed images that has created rather than discovered its vista. This fantastical interpretation suggests mankind’s fraught relationship to nature. A man lies submerged on a scaly seabed, seemingly enjoying the view through a stereo viewfinder. A goldfish, freshly escaped from its glass cage, is compelled toward the lure of another one of steel, suspended tantalizingly by a woman. A storm is brewing, human civilization may be at its end, and yet the sun breaks through the clouds promising a continuation of life.

Call for Entries

Water is a powerful element of change. It washes mountains to the sea, and is now drowning major cities. Water itself is capable of change: liquid, solid, vapor. A peaceful source of beauty and joy, or a raging torrent.

For this exhibition, we would like to show the many moods of water, its role in human uses, and its impact on the earth.  All capture methods and processing are welcome. 

Click image to enlarge. 

LEV39317 54385 juror2
© Bonnie Levinson
WEI02918 80702 juror2
© Sandra Chen Weinstein
BEC47993 49272 credited
© Olaf Otto Becker
We are delighted to welcome Hannah Frieser as juror for Water 2020. She will select 35 images for exhibition in our Middlebury, Vermont gallery and another 35 for our Online Gallery. All 70 images will be reproduced in the exhibition catalog. The recipients of the Juror’s Award and the Director’s Award will each be entitled to an online  portfolio review by the juror. 

Information about our printing service and free matting and framing here

About the Juror

Hannah Frieser is the Executive Director of The Center for Photography at Woodstock. She has curated and organized exhibitions with leading contemporary photographers such as Pipo Nguyen-duy, Angelika Rinnhofer, Alexander Gronsky and Shen Wei, as well as expanded exhibition projects for Barry Anderson, Adam Magyar and Suzanne Opton. Her essays have been featured in publications such as Contact Sheet, Exposure, Daylight, and Nueva Luz, and in monographs for Susan kae Grant, David Taylor, Ferit Kuyas and more.

Prior to The Center for Photography at Woodstock, Hannah was Director of Light Work, a photographic arts organization and artist residency program in Syracuse, New York, and served in various positions for the Society of Photographic Education (SPE) for more than a decade. Hannah has reviewed portfolios and juried exhibitions worldwide for FotoFest, Rhubarb Rhubarb, Photolucida, PhotoVisa, folioPORT and, among others, and is a frequent lecturer on photography and contemporary photographic practices. 

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