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Deadline for submissions: Sep 13, 2021
Now closed to submissions
Prints due: Oct 08, 2021
Exhibition: October 22 - November 19, 2021

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGR01391 40116 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
On the Grid
AGR01391 96945 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
The Quarantine (Time Is a Phony Ride)
ARC04982 90194 juror
Roger Archibald
Up Canyon Wind
CAS50786 29456 juror
Lydia Cassatt
The Elm Tree in the Fog
CAU17125 77883 juror
Carlos Causo
Miami, Florida
CHA75688 58896 juror
Stephanie Chang
Abbey in Dark Clouds
DAN75317 27251 juror
D. Dangott
Rain At My Window
DEL55094 99461 juror
Chel Delaney
Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
DEY72704 66087 juror
Liza Dey
A Slushy Night in New York
DON37807 37377 juror
Lisa Donneson
The Muck
DUN88621 73778 juror
Michael Duncan
Lightning Prairie
DUN88621 83653 juror
Michael Duncan
After the Shower
DUP85916 63855 juror
Stephanie Duprie Routh
Ferry Crossing
FIS86201 74687 juror
Louis Fischer
Bonneville Salt Flats Sand Storm
FIT95124 93218 juror
Tony Fitzsimmons
GUI39087 13951 juror
Nicholas Guilbert
Home Before The Storm
GUT83551 87789 juror
Barry Guthertz
Icelandic Weather
HAR25137 56701 juror
Sally Harris
Weather Reflected
HES27698 84361 juror
Sheryl Hess
Outfield Preparedness
HOU63377 68359 juror
Mark Houde
Fires from the West & Sunsets in the East
JAC73607 36819 juror
Carl Jacobson
Farmhouse Under Supercell Thunderstorm
KLE39072 08531 juror
Christine Klenovec
KUR67749 15809 juror
Michael Kurgansky
LAD53236 41332 juror
Thomas Ladd
TV Guide, Brockton, MA
LIB88236 40937 juror
Elizabeth Clark Libert
Early Snow
MAC13449 60597 juror
Ian Macleod
I-82, 2013
MAG72861 25827 juror
Mariam Magsi
Paradise Point
MCC72007 25683 juror
Debbie McCulliss
Wild Horses in Snow
MCI09217 24311 juror
Greg McIntosh
Evening Calm
MEL58333 04626 juror
Lu Melchiors
Up in the Air
MER14686 14095 juror
John B Merriam
Sunset Storm
MES49163 02753 juror
Mary Catherine Messner
Ahead of the Storm - Durban, South Africa
NAG54107 67504 juror
Arthur Nager
Rain Runner, NYC
NEI15491 09574 juror
Helle Neidhardt
Winter Wonderland
NIL23495 24257 juror
Dale Niles
Catching The Bus
PRI56739 53541 juror
Basak Prince
Rolling Fog During Sunset, Point Reyes National Park
ROW57128 54172 juror
Russ Rowland
Snow City
RUS96867 90169 juror
Lawrence Russ
Project Buried by Blizzard and Debt
WES24829 81468 juror
Margaret West
Blizzard at the Mormon Bridge
WIL63839 39198 juror
Suzanne Williamson
Hurricane Season- Storm in the Morning #4

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