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June 27 - July 28, 2018

Black and White 2018

Prints Deadline: Jun 15, 2018

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ABA62798_26003 juror
Folake Abass / Enigma
BER25273_62692 juror
Bruce Berkow / Vase With Shadow
BUR92264_11101 juror
Steve Burkett / Sunset Gospel
CHA09514_29816 juror
Remi Chapeaublanc
Kiziik Ool, 27 years old
CHA82716_39244 juror
Robi (Anirudha) Chakraborty
DAV04919_23172 juror
Eric Davidove / Looking Back
EVA22752_05892 juror
Mariko Evans / Blank Eye
FIS86201_36609 juror
Louis Fischer / Gritty RR Bridge
GUV46619_11689 juror
Pelin Guven
Great Wall of China
HAL54795_66925 juror
Norm Halm
Springtime, Mojave Desert;
Desiccating Pool Of Water
HAM35074_13796 juror
Jin Gu Ham
A Composition, Silver Gelatin Print
Steps and Shadows
Sally Harris / Steps and Shadows
HER49112_07409 juror
Elaine Jones Heron
Watch Tower Destroyed
IVA66735_09441 juror
Paul Ivanushka
Made It Home – Maricopa
JOH45214_17689 juror
Robert Johnson / Wind
KEE11379_38337 juror
Marie Keech / Calatrava Curves
KEL97894_84901 juror
Jeffrey B. Kellner
Handball - Coney Island
LAZ46876_97685 juror
Melissa Lazuka / Twelve
LED35083_19721 juror
Alan Leder / Geese At The Wall
LUC11166_49837 juror
Beth Luchner / Iron Chairs
MOS48698_50524 juror
Rebecca Moseman / Battle Boy
MUL05391_99913 juror
Jenna Mulhall-Brereton
Woman in procession I,
Teotitlan del Valle
NOU94573_35033 juror
William Nourse / Askew
PAT80916_50857 juror
Brad Patocka
Settlers of Chernobyl
The Atomgrad Refugee Families
RIC10651_19898 juror
Jim Riche / Torres del Paine
SAR92553_96839 juror
Joshua Sarinana / Synurbization
SCH02654_06613 juror
Miranda Schmitz / Aimée
SCH68562_89495 juror
Tony Schwartz
Tarangire Treescape
SHI09434_29006 juror
KT Shiue
Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge,
Dallas, TX
Bill Shumaker / Nadia
TUC73086_71096 juror
Sairra Tucker / Shadows
WAT69182_37583 juror
Charlotte Watts
I Dreamed Of Heaven -
Buffleheads In Snow Storm,
Crescent Lake
Unexpected Guests
Catherine Zdeblick
Unexpected Guests
NIC48966_48595 juror
Jackson Nichols / Push and Pull
AZC56073_07354 juror
Jose A. Azcutia / Think
AGR01391_44018 juror
Geoffrey Agrons / Exiled From Our Past IV
BAD66153_46584 juror
Saskia Cooper Baden / (no title)
BAR56593_63565 juror
David Bartlett / Bison
BAS57427_46199 juror
Doran Bastint
Snohomish Film Noir
Dewayne Beamon, platinum/palladium print
Christer Berg
Dewayne Beamon, boxer
BOL98839_40072 juror
Scott Bolendz
Untitled, from the series
Dark Mountains
CAM62133_29116 juror
RemiJin Camping
Abandoned House #3
CRI98678_32564 juror
Robert Crifasi / Snow and Wind No 1
DEN83681_26583 juror
David Dennard / Winter Tree
GER89012_23347 juror
Kathleen Gerber
The Gathering in Black and White
GRE08343_78558 juror
Larry Gregory / Untitled
GRE65902_77543 juror
Richard Greene / LACMA #2
LAM23419_31519 juror
Spyros Lambrou
Ambivalent Stairway
LAN13256_83539 juror
Jefferson Caine Lankford / Untitled
LIN73379_36651 juror
Aqua Lin / Into the Flora
LYL80862_61511 juror
Kevin Lyle / 13069
MAH63789_35381 juror
Marcia Mahoney / Sierra - In Evening Sun
MOL04054_43238 juror
Max Moldau / Dark Side of the Moon
MON56318_26643 juror
Emmanuel Monzon
Urban Sprawl - About the night
MOS48698_60527 juror
Rebecca Moseman
Young Traveler Mothers
PAT80916_14288 juror
Brad Patocka
We Go To Water - Excerpt 3
POE01022_88743 juror
Colin Poellot / Happy Hour
RUB81473_55976 juror
Marian Rubin / A Winter Stroll
SCH40875_62217 juror
Deb Schwedhelm
Skyler, Pemuteran, Indonesia
Urban Umbrella
Joseph Smith / Urban Umbrella
SMI80018_10281 juror
Eric Smith / Quartzsite AZ
STR74935_44015 juror
John Stritzinger
Revealed In Headights
SYN58868_27054 juror
Ryan Synovec / Pike Place #3
THA72479_73362 juror
Manuela Thames
Untitled from the series
"Broken Mirror"
Here and Elsewhere I
Jacqueline Waters
Here and Elsewhere I
WIC90571_52894 juror
Stephen Wicks
Monument Valley, Utah
ZIM75575_02329 juror
Steve Ziman
Hallgrimstorg Cathedral, Reykjavik

Juror: Sandrine Hermand-Grisel
Juror selections announced.
Exhibition prints deadline: June 15, 2018
Gallery Exhibition: June 27 – July 28, 2018

Juror’s Statement

Mysterious, intense, timeless, at times nostalgic, black and white photography is, to me, magical. These images remind me of why I fell in love with photography in the first place.

As a curator, I am intrigued by images with fresh ideas and vision. But as a photographer who loves black and white photography and who has spent a lot of time in the darkroom, I am drawn to both powerful contrasts and nuanced greys.

As a result, my selection for this exhibition is subjective and undeniably emotional. I wanted to showcase the vast range of possibilities that black and white photography offers, from images inspired by the pioneers of photography to fresh interpretations that digital techniques allow.

Jurying this black and white exhibition was a difficult but fascinating experience. Thank you for allowing me to discover so many incredible images. I was captivated by the stories you had to tell, your unique point of view and your creative choices.

- Sandrine Hermand-Grisel

About the Juror

Sandrine Hermand-Grisel is a fine art photographer and printmaker. She grew up in Paris and London before she moved to the United States with her family in 2006. Her work has been published in books and magazines as well as exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide.

Using her broad knowledge of the photographic world, she launched the website All About Photo — a source of information for photographers and aficionados of photography, as well as a showcase platform for talented artists. Sandrine has curated All About Photo since 2013.

An integral part of All About Photo is its annual awards competition, The Mind’s Eye, which she has juried over the years with dozens of renowned photographers and curators. She has also juried many competitions and group shows.

While still working on personal projects, she now spends most of her time discovering new talents for All About Photo.

Call for Entries

In this exhibition, we celebrated the beauty and the powerful expressive ability of black and white photography. The subject was completely up to you. Any capture method or process, whether digital or analog, including monochromatic toning, was welcome.


We were very pleased that Sandrine Hermand-Grisel juried and curated this exhibition. She selected approximately 35 images for exhibition in the gallery, and 35 for our Online Gallery Annex. The recipients of the Juror’s Award and the Director’s Award were each awarded personal portfolio reviews by Ms. Hermand-Grisel.