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A Sense of Place

Deadline for submissions: Apr 15, 2024
Prints due: May 24, 2024
Exhibition: June 7 - June 28, 2024

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ABR96229 43701 WEB
Alan W. Abramowitz
BAC03991 03134 WEB
Hilary Houston Bachelder
Rising Underwater
BAR86919 50942 WEB
Michael Barath
Factory Windows
BEA84395 89941 WEB
Kay Beausoleil
Sunset at Chenonceau
BER26882 29012 WEB
Paul R. Berger
Riding in Comfort on RT 66
DES72304 04292 WEB
Frédéric Deschênes
ELM16332 65704 WEB
Whalen Elmore
Beckley Creek III
EVA92441 78435 WEB
Keni Evans
Galveston Dunes
FAU68076 18478 WEB
Amy Faulkner
HOL96822 06762 WEB
Carolyn Hollingsworth
Bring On the Night
ISA90095 58115 WEB
Susan Isaacson
At Silver Lake #19
JOR99048 63504 WEB
David Jordano
Total Solar Eclipse, Cataract Falls, Indiana 2024
KRA93893 manual6 WEB
Georg Krausch
Tire Swing
LAD93468 93651 WEB
Jaimie Ladysh
Pastoral Dream
LAP77259 30888 WEB
Susan Lapides
LIR30783 10385 WEB
Susan Lirakis
Grandma's Room
LON01054 47564 WEB
Kristin Long
Into the Clearing
MAN12025 38334 WEB
Christy Mandeville
Early Morning Lullaby
MIL03789 67934 WEB
Daniel Milberg
The Moment
MOT78744 26395 WEB
Gert Motmans
An Ocean in Between the Waves #5
MUR27343 40424 WEB
Paul M. Murray
Antarctica Portal
NAG11185 91082 WEB
Gerry Nagatani
China Walls
ROC59169 78488 WEB
Terry Rochford
ROW57128 23606 WEB
Russ Rowland
Fifth Avenue
SAL17014 95421 WEB
Tara Salerno
Coexisting -The Sun & the Moon
SCH55174 67495 WEB
Jeff Schewe
Tuscan Tree
SCH55174 21366 WEB
Jeff Schewe
The Great Buddha of Kamakura (鎌倉大仏, Kamakura Daibutsu)
SCH68895 12275 WEB
Joanne Scherf
SCH84266 73819 WEB
Marti Schriver
The Fallen
SEN67407 10872 WEB
Jennifer Senne
SHE71975 36885 WEB fix
Fran Sherman
Morning_Mom After 95
SIB03745 27762 WEB
Lisa Sibley
TAN63762 28648 WEB
Joshua Tann
TUR97322 87177 WEB
Jim Turner
Somewhere in BC
YOK55513 48269 WEB
Junko Yokota
Passing Time in Lucignano

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