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Deadline for submissions: Mar 20, 2023
Juror: Traer Scott
Prints due: Apr 20, 2023
Exhibition: May 4 - June 2, 2023

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

Animalia2303 Installation13
L. J. Blanksma
Animalia2303 Installation26
Ashley Brandenburger
Animalia2303 Installation29
Elizabeth Brooke
Animalia2303 Installation06
Linda Caldwell
Animalia2303 Installation10
D. Dangott
Animalia2303 Installation31
Maria Davila
Animalia2303 Installation11
Ken Fowkes
Animalia2303 Installation05
Hank Gans
Animalia2303 Installation02
Gail Gelburd
Animalia2303 Installation28
Porter Gifford
Animalia2303 Installation08
Rena Goodfriend-Leve
Animalia2303 Installation14
Kylo-Patrick Hart
Animalia2303 Installation18
Emma Kisiel
Animalia2303 Installation24
Michael Kurgansky
Animalia2303 Installation27
Shelley Lipton
Animalia2303 Installation22
John Livzey
Animalia2303 Installation30
Nina Martinelli
Animalia2303 Installation03
Mike McKinnon
Animalia2303 Installation17
Tailai OBrien
Animalia2303 Installation12
Nina Poole
Animalia2303 Installation23
Wistar Rawls
Animalia2303 Installation07
Sylvie Redmond
Animalia2303 Installation01
Geraint Rowland
Animalia2303 Installation16
Caroline Samson
Animalia2303 Installation19
William C. Shotwell
Animalia2303 Installation09
Ellen Stipo
Animalia2303 Installation21
Wendy Stone
Animalia2303 Installation20
Marcy Tilton
Animalia2303 Installation25
Madeline True
Animalia2303 Installation15
Inge Vautrin
Animalia2303 Installation04
Terry Wild
Animalia2303 Installation32
Animalia2303 Installation33
Animalia2303 Installation34
Animalia2303 Installation35
Animalia2303 Installation36
Animalia2303 Installation37
Animalia2303 Installation38
Animalia2303 Installation39
Animalia2303 Installation40
Animalia2303 Installation41
Animalia2303 Installation42
Animalia2303 Installation43
Animalia2303 Installation44
Animalia2303 Installation45
Animalia2303 Installation46

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