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Deadline for submissions: Mar 20, 2023
Juror: Traer Scott
Prints due: Apr 20, 2023
Exhibition: May 4 - June 2, 2023

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

APO11395 04403 web
Alex Apollonio
Good Dog
ARC04982 36188 web
Roger Archibald
Home Stretch
BAR43733 55448 web
Taryn Barling
Night Swimming
BEA84395 91235 web
Kay Beausoleil
Here's a Thought
BER58847 43798 web
Laura Berman
The Future Depends On the Nobility of Our Imaginings
BLA17096 76445 web
L. J. Blanksma
BRA10147 64016 web
Rhonda K Bratton
Pelican Portrait
BRA54432 30772 web
Ashley Brandenburger
Only by Instinct
BRI41878 97717 web
Joe Brindisi
BUS71778 74926 web
Joy Bush
Blue Nose
CLI23507 17688 web
Edie Clifford
Sleeping Dog, Rajasthan, India
DOS85934 64107 web
Rajan Dosaj
A Penny For Your Thoughts
FOW13149 59705 web
Ken Fowkes
Flame Skimmer
FOW13149 30964 web2
Ken Fowkes
Out for a Morning Crawl
FRI74102 22652 web
Dennis Fritsche
The Rooster at Luckenbach
GAN72708 88547 web
Hank Gans
Summer Cat
ISA33313 50852 web
Carol Isaak
Mother and Baby
JAC73607 76068 web
Carl Jacobson
Sweet Dreams for the Seal
LEV74155 99697 web
Fred Levy
Lennon the Great Dane Puppy
LIP86264 95064 web
Shelley Lipton
Rocky and Sara
LIV61487 87331 web
John Livzey
Rescue Me
LOF22967 78693 web
Jerry Lofaro
MAL86182 48332 web
Mike Malone
Majestic No.1
MCK72249 56691 web
Mike McKinnon
European Roller Eating
MCK72249 59963 web
Mike McKinnon
MOY94251 81424 web
john d. moyers
Dog-hunting Dog... Bristol, Vermont
NEL89115 11135 web
Ralph Nelson
Australian Pelican
NID46203 70429 web
Florian Nidecker
Tiger On Pool Table
RAC13673 97494 web
Kaitlin Rackley
SAM18815 17012 web
Caroline Samson
Porcupette I
STI08291 29514 web
Ellen Stipo
Peanut Butter
STO84593 04221 web
Jonathan Stoller
Weaver Unwelcoming
SYM43686 23809 web
Alison M. Jones
The Smile of a Rothschild Giraffe
TER38694 06682 web
Lacey Terrell
My Mourning Doves (02) - lockdown 2020-2021
TRU98892 28213 web
Madeline True
Apis Insecta_Species Fragility
TRU98892 74677 web
Madeline True
Pelecanidae Pelecanus Fishing with Bill Hook at Sunset on Juno Pier
WAN36575 74739 web
Julie Wang
Go To Play
WES24829 15404 web
Margaret West
ZEI08904 54058 web
Claudia Zeien
Three Tenors

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