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Dreamscapes and Visions

Deadline for submissions: Mar 16, 2020
Prints due: May 14, 2020
Exhibition: June 4 - June 27, 2020

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ATT12902 20397 juror
Gianluca Attoli
The dream is always the same / 10
CHA00882 12559 juror
Noa Chandler
The Burn II
CAR32782 72472 juror
Kathy Carr
CUL13271 16983 juror
Conor Culver
Reminiscent of the Fall
FIS86201 00703 juror
Louis Fischer
Death Valley Hubble Galaxy
FOR48992 47438 juror
Karin Foreman
Foggy Field
GIB36794 88643 juror
Jp Gibson
HAR06725 81568 juror
Lori Harrell
Luminous Chasm
HOB59935 01108 juror
Alyssa Hobson
The Witch Tree
KEL25781 82102 juror
John E. Kelly
Moon Over The Mountain
LUN61613 27844 juror
Hannele Lundy
LUK24163 35536 juror
Krysia Lukkason
Through the Fog
MAC24716 56641 juror
Toby MacLennan
Star Eater
MOR28765 95319 juror
Andy Morris
Dream State #3
NEL95149 01832 juror
Amarie Hope
Watercolor World 1
SHE12114 76536 juror
Cindy Shebley
Winter Cabin
SHU43072 61088 juror
Bill Shumaker
Old-Time Dance Orchestra
ALG35109 97985 juror
René Algesheimer
Circle in a Spiral
BEA18914 40739 juror
Julie Beauchemin
Like solid peace under troubled skies / Comme une paix solide sous un ciel chargé
CAC16311 83536 juror
Cecily Caceu
Selfless love
CLA62857 51514 juror
John Clarke
Red Lion Inn 7-3-19 9:49am 2nd Floor
EHL74063 72983 juror
Barbara Ehlers
Strange Light
GRA10247 85197 juror
Tamar Granovsky
JOH42342 44001 juror
Neil Johansson
The Haunting
KAY99245 22157 juror
Elizabeth Kayl
LLO67229 76409 juror
Dan Lloyd
MAN31193 28535 juror
John Manno
Door Number 3
MON90164 27482 juror
Antonin Monmart
Maison jaune de nuit
PAN87544 78978 juror
Catherine Panebianco
Soaring Navigation
ROS93917 28177 juror
Jane Ross
Rush Hour
SCH05975 04257 juror
Tom Schifanella
Through the Narrow Gate
SIL57477 07071 juror
G.G. Silverman
We All Fall Down
TUR81489 99112 juror
Roman Turczyn
In Dreams ll
VAP89487 70331 juror
Petr Vapenik
Return from a trip to the black and white world
WEI84944 02786 juror
Joan Weiss
The Twilight Zone

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