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In Praise of Trees

Deadline for submissions: Aug 07, 2023
Prints due: Sep 15, 2023
Exhibition: October 3 - October 27, 2023

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AIK12352 77299WEB
Director's Award
Lisa Aikenhead
Winter's Portal
AND69053 27655WEB
Robert Anderson
AND76964 55889WEB
Laurel Anderson
Mobile, 2018
AND89367 19509WEB
Ted Anderson
Lighter Still
ARG23908 25771WEB
Judith Arguin
Lifting Haze
BAR43093 52486WEB
Alyson J Barton
Eternal Forest (Platinotype)
BRA21351 84423WEB
Giulio Brantl
Dietro Casa...
BUS54247 93107WEB
Marie Bush
Vršič Pass
CAL75809 80249WEB
Linda Caldwell
Fall Turnaround
FIS86162 66941WEB
Kathleen Fischer
Yosemite Burn
FLE26926 47798WEB
Anne Catherine Fletcher
YIN 01015
GIF01094 40832WEB
Porter Gifford
Beech Bark
GRA87987 46427WEB
Veronica Gray
Serengeti Serenity No. 1
GUT56496 67483WEB
Aubrey Guthrie
Snow Tree
HAN24377 57327WEB
Daniel Haniger
HAR51852 09093WEB
Shirley Harryman
Carving Jesus, Yucatan, Mexico
HOR79078 24863WEB
Barbara Horler
Primeval Forest
HUD73178 76701WEB
Ella Hudson
Parking Lot Reverie
JOH85043 42778WEB
Honorable Mention
Richie Johns
Golden Arches
KAS18971 57884WEB
Julius Kassovic
Approaching Storm Point Lobos zach
Alan Leder
Approaching Storm, Point Lobos
POL30416 37724WEB
Janet Politte
PUS00258 11435WEB
Zoltan Puskas
Lone Tree
RAE68932 27328WEB
Abby Raeder
The Art of Accessorizing
RUC34535 89633WEB
David Rucker
RUS49263 27156WEB
Honorable Mention
Ralph Russo
Passing Beauty
RYA77004 33405WEB
Lisa Ryan
Starlit Tree
SCH03272 27234WEB
Donald Schoenleber
SCH90942 03258WEB
Elliot Schildkrout
Connemara 1
SHA02681 66468WEB
Kerry Sharkey-Miller
SMI19326 59449WEB
Piper Smith
Tree #2
SPI00224 22107WEB
Juror's Award
Carmen Spitznagel
Winter Tree
THO25526 44353WEB
Honorable Mention
Will Thompson
Brain Fog
WAT69182 03581WEB
Charlotte Watts
This Is Our Grace - Poplars Along the Dungeness River
ZAR65875 49136WEB
Kate Zari Roberts

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