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In Praise of Trees

Deadline for submissions: Aug 07, 2023
Prints due: Sep 15, 2023
Exhibition: October 3 - October 27, 2023

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AIK12352 25062WEB
Lisa Aikenhead
Simply Trust
AME87119 17603WEB
Elizabeth Ames
AUS74951 30835WEB
David Auston
Garden of Tranquility
BEE13685 53991WEB
Jan Beesley
Moonlit Oak
BEN29299 11176WEB
CJ Benninger
BRY98577 40078WEB
Susan Bryant
Once Again, Fall #1
DIM53032 27258WEB2
Michael DiMeola
Fallen Ones
EBB70999 56781WEB
Tana Ebbole
Mist Framed Fall Trees
FOW13149 21612WEB
Ken Fowkes
Dancing in the Clouds
GAN72708 56685WEB
Hank Gans
Dogwood Spring II
GAR85918 62686WEB
Wendy Garfinkel-Gold
Moonlight Beach Palm
GAZ12939 63487WEB
Siobhan Gazur
GOL44774 91863WEB
Leslie Goldman
The Giving Tree
GOO01183 93619WEB
Rena Goodfriend-Leve
Lone Tree as Winter Approaches Soon
GRE29681 12159WEB
Carlotta Grenier
On a Foggy Misty Morning
GUS86042 42455WEB
Matthew Gustafson
HES27698 52751WEB
Sheryl Hess
HIL85518 57314WEB
Kate Sartor Hilburn
Ode to Wallace Stevens 3
HOW07084 46799WEB
Carol How
Curving Survivor
LEW26113 06094WEB
Bruce Lewis
Black Walnut Dream
LOB41496 20564WEB
Barry Lobdell
Trees in the Wood
MAR78674 74349WEB
Greg Markstrom
Gunflint Fire
MAY18807 71594WEB
Seth Mayer
Reaching for the Clouds
MCC48769 11258WEB
Ruth McCully
Cypress Splendor
MCC52253 95948WEB
Coco McCabe
Winter Pair
MIH99026 74353WEB
Konstantins Mihailovs
Holding Hands
MOR75216 57715WEB
Chris Morrow
Cottonwood from Below
OBE86429 13199WEB
David Obermeyer
Tree Swing
PEC97422 61229WEB
Gillian Peckham
RAD65737 59009WEB
Elaine Radiss
Berkshire Woodlands
RIN97687 94363WEB
Richard Ringel
ROM48189 99278WEB
John Romie
Buckeye View of the Hills
RUD59957 90466WEB
Velda Ruddock
Spring Comes to the Foothills
SEL77164 18659WEB
Jeff Seltzer
Drive Thru
SHA02681 04194WEB
Kerry Sharkey-Miller
Moroccan Sun
SPI00224 23453WEB
Carmen Spitznagel
Tree Life
STI35639 82208WEB
Michael Stimola
Snowy Trail, West Tisbury, MA
SZK78322 22248WEB
Mandana Marsh Szkotak
Foggy Walk
WIE47558 76588WEB
William Wiener
Botany Bay Tree Cluster
WIS88534 90778WEB
Lisa Wissner-Slivka
Big Sur Storm

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