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Intimate Portraits

Deadline for submissions: Mar 27, 2017
Prints due: Apr 28, 2017
Exhibition: May 10 - June 3, 2017

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

TIE74136_44508- website copy
Heiko Tiemann
Boy at Dawn, from the series "Infliction"
ROJ39073_11221- website
Joanne Rojcewicz
Outer Banks
SLO94427_09506- website
Vikki Sloviter / Brittany
THO49487_13981- website
Beckwith Thompson /
Julia with Globe
VAC88059_37846- website
Mare Vaccaro / Mirror, Mirror
Dennis Wickes /
Attempting to Meditate
WOR03084_12933- website
Morgan Worsham / Split
Nerlande- Haiti
Cheryl Clegg / Nerlande - Haiti
COR19491_94921- website
Katy Lopez /
You Cannot Buy My Sky
DUT70735_30131- website
Carolina Dutruel /
Rite of Passage
EVA90726_08743- website
D. Clarke Evans /
John Stewart, LCDR US Navy, 1940 - 1946
FEN00426_72848- website
Diane Fenster / The Pole Star
FER82553_80079- website
Andrew Ferranti / Bronte
HAC40034_55544- website
Marcella Hackbardt /
Second Floor Window
HAL63221_64217- website
Linda Hale / Purple Rain
HAM76152_31882- website
Julie Hamel / Shallow Dreams
HAN47688_98416- website
Jamie Hankin / The Red Queen
HAR15147_93144- website
Debra Harder / Keeping Time
HER72716_22492- website
Andrew Hersey /
Blown From the Highest Peaks
HEV83959_88303- website
Constanza Hevia H /
Ron, from the series "Dear Stranger"
HIA04605_66043- website
Director's Award
Sarah Hiatt /
Ethan After Swimming, 2015
HUN25339_58471- website
John Huneycutt /
JOS30507_35762- website
Michael Joseph / Noodle
LUK24163_37492- website
Krysia Lukkason / Uncertain
Geo-Nigerian Heritage
Melissa Lynn /
Geo-Nigerian Heritage
MAC24716_33199- website
Toby MacLennan /
The Blue Slip
MCC41196_94101- website
Mark McCarty /
Jim Richard
MOO89721_27399- website
Sizu Moore McGregor /
Farmer from Rajasthan
MOS48698_27703- website
Director's Award
Rebecca Moseman /
Alex with Collar
PAR22383_41214- website
Paradise / Ada's Hands
PES52829_09722- website
Claude Peschel Dutombe / Ayutthaya Heritage #01
POM51463_34097- website
Stephen Pompeo Ciampi /
ACH29651_87838- website
Deb Achak /
She Told Us ToTrust Our Intuition
BEC15533_06303- website
Juror's Award
Craig Becker / Scratch 17
Kim Campbell /
Guarding - DEEP in Between

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