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Intimate Portraits

Deadline for submissions: Mar 27, 2017
Prints due: Apr 28, 2017
Exhibition: May 10 - June 3, 2017

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

JOS30507_86802- website
Michael Joseph /
Smiles & Ophelia
JUS51284_55501- website
Gary Justis / Redhead
KRA70199_41651- website
Georg Krausch / Sydney
LEA06118_63814- website
Steve Lease / Liv Sage
Paris Lavatory, Robynne Limoges
Robynne Limoges /
Linda in the Cordovan Chair
Kavya-Indian Heritage
Melissa Lynn /
Kavya-Indian Heritage
MAC24716_00843- website
Toby MacLennan /
Eating the Sun
MAL60715_17796- website
Jamie Charles Maldonado /
New Growth
MCK72756_14906- website
Mom & Mike
Janice Milhem /
Mom and Mike
MIL68987_18285- website
Karey Miller / Empowered
PAR22383_85701- website
Paradise / Ada & Ed Napping
Kristin & Amanda,
Zoe Perry-Wood /
Kristin & Amanda
PER87523_68253- website
Zoe Perry-Wood /
Candy Royalle
PRA25541_19816- website
Heide Prange / Caner
RAE40863_36686- website
Paula Rae Gibson /
The Weight of what is Missing
RAE40863_96938- website
Paula Rae Gibson /
RIC58954_27309- website
Sascha Richter /
Portrait of a Pilgrim
SAL18422_78841- website
Curtis Salonik / None
SAL70181_54541- website
Curtis Salonik / Untitled
STE17517_43413- website
Ruth Steinberg / Franca
STO24104_72537- website
Wendy Stone / Ben
TEN07587_26582- website
Marina Tennefoss / Ella
WIC91776_05115- website
Dennis Wickes /
We Are More Than Our Physical Bodies
WOR03084_53348- website
Morgan Worsham /
Marthanna Yater /
CLA17533_00709- website copy
Bill Clark / At One - Claire
BEC15533_15468- website
Craig Becker / Scratch 30
BEC15533_35186- website
Craig Becker / Scratch 29
BEC15533_57294- website
Craig Becker /
Scratch 4.1
BEE99614_59053- website
Gary Beeber /
Carl Bower /
I'm afraid of not being loved or cared for - Michael
CRE23274_52664- website
Allie Crewe /
Kim & Olivia B&W
DAR25765_32729- website
Bob Dart / The Stare
DUT60758_42341- website
Pierre and Cathy Dutertre /
FIR33448_35656- website
Florin Firimita / The Ritual
FRI90827_86888- website
Anna Fritzel / Exhausted
GUT23167_13178- website
AnaliaGutierrez /
GUT56496_91912- website
Aubrey Guthrie / Paula
HAR15147_14804- website
Debra Harder / Lewis
HAR32713_07763- website
Charlene Hardy /
Teen Years 2
HER72716_13365- website
Andrew Hersey /
The Truth About My Past
HEV83959_85048- website
Constanza Hevia H /
Michael, from the series "Dear Stranger"
HOO22589_64383- website
Carly McLane /
Each of You
HUN25339_91423- website
John Huneycutt /
Duality & the Double Barrel

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