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Photo Noir

Deadline for submissions: Jan 18, 2016
Prints due: Feb 20, 2016
Exhibition: February 24 - March 18, 2016

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

WHI58473_65822-jury-for web
Alan Whiteside, Plano TX / Measure of Concern
TER01846_49786-jury-for web
JP Terlizzi, New York NY / Figure in Road, from the series Raven's Point
SHE07854_16281-jury-for web
Stephen Sheffield, Cohasset MA / Imaginary Crime: File 009
SAV98654_97552-jury-for web
Lynn Saville, New York NY / The Green Hand, Portland, Maine
ROB86012_16525-jury-for web
Rani Robison, Laramie WY / In the Shadows #2
PHI93756_24848-jury-for web
Jeff Phillips, Chicago IL / The March, 2014
NIS72757_12903-jury-for web
Joona Niskanen, Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland / Ashes
MOY94251_66719-jury-for web
john d moyers, Bristol VT / private...
MOR49658_62211-jury-for web
Katia Morichetti, Bologna, Italy / Strangers on a train #1
MOR49658_62087-jury-for web
Katia Morichetti, Bologna, Italy / A serious man
MAL12432_48804-jury-for web
Claire Mallett, Los Angeles CA / Behind the Scenes
LYN00831_02593-jury-for web
Anne Lynam, Stanmore, New South Wales, Australia / Way Up
LYL80862_11125-jury-for web
Kevin Lyle, Chicago IL / Evidence 11073
an extra posing on set of a movie
Fabio Lovino, Rome, Italy / Young actress posing on a set of a movie
LEE47164_99214-jury-for web
Stacey Leece Vukelj, New York NY / Corner Store
LEE47164_60983-jury-for web
Stacey Leece Vukelj, New York NY / Centennial Commuters
IMM73614_87263-jury-for web
Daniel Immel, Makanda IL / Alfred of Vidigal
HIN28889_58232-jury-for web
Jacob Hinmon, Portland OR / L'homme en question
HEN54313_63608-jury-for web
Matt Henry, East Sussex, United Kingdom / Phone Call
HEI88335_62304-jury-for web
Greg Heins, Boston MA / Hotel, Ave. de Saint-Ouen
HAU07195_51554-jury-for web
Pierre Hauser, New York NY / Four-Legged Shadow
GRA04805_82463-jury-for web
Daniel Grant, San Francisco CA / Patience
GAZ48856_84243-jury-for web
JUROR'S AWARD: Siobhan Gazur, Encinitas CA / Sailor
FRI42557_76184-jury-for web
Ed Friedman, Arlington MA / Boston Noir #3
FOR48491_74663-jury-for web
Nate Forman, Austin TX / Frost Bank Alley
DUN88621_16652-jury-for web
Michael Duncan, Norman OK / Stand
Norm Diamond, Dallas TX / Rainstorm, Main Street, Dallas
M. Danko, Long Beach CA / Beware of Dog
COT34239_16915-jury-for web
Paul Cotter, Pleasant Hill CA / Dark Thoughts
COH19386_37013-jury-for web
Neal Cohen, New York NY / Water towers
CHO95922_61802-jury-for web
Gina Cholick, Pasadena CA / Untitled, from the series Inquietude
CHA75327_59799-jury-for web
Larry Chait, Chicago IL / Noir #12
CER77656_34478-jury-for web
Alejandro Cerutti, Rio Tercero, CBA, Argentina / New York Noir I
BLA62732_17909-jury-for web
Eric Bladholm, Chicago IL / Wounded
ALL33424_34361-jury-for web
Jenn Allen, Orlando FL / Cleithrophobia

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