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Portraits of Self-Isolation

Deadline for submissions: Jun 01, 2020
Now closed to submissions
Prints due: Jul 16, 2020
Exhibition: July 30 - August 20, 2020

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ALE22075 92856 juror
Silvia Alessi
My Quarantine in Bergamo
AMM82136 70659 juror
Claudia Ammirata
BAI59468 53137 juror
Elizabeth Bailey
Almost Thirteen
BLO69219 28328 juror
Xavier Blondeau
Locked Within #05
BRO20861 93277 juror
Lacey Brown
BUT51251 41488 juror
Richard Butchins
Life Is a Bowl of Cherries
CAR14188 19506 juror
Susan Kaufer Carey
Deep Rest
CHA90955 58687 juror
Jo Ann Chaus
CHO95922 41679 juror
Gina Cholick
CLA05008 98343 juror
John Clarke
The Windmill Chaser
COM37352 71553 juror
Karen Commings
DAD44108 64607 juror
Saman Dadafshar
DOU19702 26934 juror
Clément Douillet
A Family Portrait: Father and Son
ESH68314 35975 juror
Jake Eshelman
Margaux, Dreaming
FRA62297 36757 juror
Amber Franks
Isolation With Dementia, Day 1
GAV62958 27831 juror
Nikita Gavrilenko
Total Future Tea Ceremony
GUV46619 52837 juror
Pelin Guven
Self-Quarantine #1
HAR32713 66384 juror
Charlene Hardy
My Mom is the Worst Teacher Ever
JOH42342 66794 juror
Neil Johansson
This Woman's Work
KOS42922 00964 juror
Toma Kostygina
Thoughts in Error - 2
LIA84851 41341 juror
Margaret Liang
Back Yard
LUC78433 44758 juror
Jen Lucas
Buttered Toast
MAI68473 20764 juror
Victoria Maidhof
Isolation II
MAR33974 54425 juror
Shari Yantra Marcacci
Liam and Finley
MCK86906 15321 juror
Barb McKinney
Attention Must Be Paid
PAS82602 85557 juror
Luciana Passaro
Without Respite
PET32811 54929 juror
Lori Petrie
A Man with a Past
REI42951 20545 juror
Bernd Reinhardt
Quarantine Self-Portrait, April, 2020
RIE17563 93369 juror
Youssef Riegel
Hidden Faces
SCH04061 72476 juror
Nancy Scherl
Seven O'Clock PM Applause
SIR58818 66521 juror
Anna Sirota
C-Resignation 2
SUD33284 01117 juror
Sarah Sudhoff
Will You Hug Me Forever, Hours 1-8
SWA30632 13088 juror
Wayne Swanson
My Stuff
VAN10373 84537 juror
Sarah VanHook
VAN55396 37065 juror
Catherine Vanaria
Channel Surfing 1

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