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Deadline for submissions: Jun 26, 2017
Prints due: Aug 04, 2018
Exhibition: August 16, 2017 - September 9, 2018

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

Summer 2016
Nelson Armour /
The Art of Viewing Art XII
ATK95344_98083- web
Stewart Atkins / The Way
BAL20234_57834- web
Greg Bal / Humayan's Tomb
BAR56593_01262- web
David Bartlett /
Doors/Ann Arbor
BEA84395_33722- web
Kay Beausoleil /
Toward the Light
BEE99614_56321- web
Gary Beeber /
Entrance (Big Mouth), Fairborn, Ohio
BEL72387_92804- web
Jan Bell / Passage
BLA79826_00861- web
Jill Jordan / Building Portal
BLU67559_29482- web
Lester Blum /
Entrance to the Unknown
BOU83481_02067- web
Sally Bousquet / Sarah
BRO82636_63132- web
Caroline E Brown /
Towards the Light
BUZ53267_35778- web
Jamie Buzil Photography /
Step into Winter
Coastal Defense Portal #4 by G.Caldwell
Greg Caldwell /
Coastal Defense Portal #4 by G.Caldwell
CAM03162_08309- web
Nicole Campanello /Missing Piece
Lorraine Castillo /
CHA90955_04247- web
Jo Ann Chaus / Box
CLA07921_66758- web
Robin E. Clark / Returning
CRA78936_68843- web
Cindy Crane /Departure
DEI25646_28725- web
Chris Dei / Apparition
ERD48848_78778- web
Lisa Erdberg /
Not a Diptych #2
GAR76471_84883- web
Michael Vaile Garner /
Chase Study (plastic)
GRE85111_19223- web
Michal Greenboim /
Window Reflection
HAL54795_48233- web
Norm Halm /
The Cabins- Valley Of Fire, Mojave Desert
Antelope Canyon
Jim Hester /
Antelope Canyon
HOD99567_79355- web
Sue Anne Hodges / Bedroom Mirror
HOL61112_08254- web
Janet Holmes /
Fairest of Them All
HOO05044_18588- web
Bruce G. Hooke /
Looking up Through Hole in Ice
IRA24796_53975- web
Judy Iranyi / Untitled
KES00632_61519- web
Paul Kessel /
Disappearing Rabbi
LYO00633_85606- web
Carol Lyon / Getting the Shot
MIN83465_80549- web
Michael Miner /
Overcoming Physical Death, Part 1
NIC48966_99018- web
Jackson Nichols /
SUT90382_37437- web
Sonia Suter /
Through the Looking Glass
TER01846_47391- web
JP Terlizzi /
Figure in Window, from the series Ravens Point
VAN38104_52836- web
Samantha VanDeman /
Grandmother's Room
WAT63303_96242- web
Jacob Watts / Taking Nature
Letter of Unusual Incident
Marisa S White /
Letter of Unusual Incident
WIN55966_70026- web
Nick Winkworth / Simple Life
YOU61911_84311- web
Lynda Younker / Only Way Out

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