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The Poetry of the Ordinary

Deadline for submissions: Feb 08, 2021
Prints due: Mar 11, 2021
Exhibition: March 26 - April 16, 2021

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGR01391 05562 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
Fallen Leaf
AND69053 01503 juror
Robert Anderson
BAC03991 70402 juror
Hilary Bachelder
Late for the Season
BEA84395 93773 juror
Kay Beausoleil
Left Behind
BER41207 49899 juror
Seth Berkowitz
Cold On The Lake (Bobcaygeon)
BER71587 54561 juror
Sarajane Berge
Reaching Out
BRA34311 88168 juror
Miranda Brandon
Off the Path
BRY53222 45079 juror
Theresa Bryson
Winter Solace
BUS91351 48338 juror
Eileen Busby
Chuck's Dairy Bar
CAL54401 27866 juror
Barbara Calabrese
Sunrise Lanterns
CAR84795 23095 juror
Susan Marie Carlo
Love Me, Love Me Not
CEB15811 68098 juror
Claudia Cebrian
CHA75327 15378 juror
Larry Chait
Waking Up
CHA80165 41889 juror
Mari Champagne
Clouded Mind by Smoke
COL15415 00693 juror
Mark Collins
Wild Iris
COL42944 62047 juror
Robert Colantuono
Weeds 2
CON83304 32521 juror
Anne Connor
COO21401 41482 juror
Margo Kessler Cook
Cherry Sparkler
CRO92637 46984 juror
Vivian Cromwell
Love in Malecón
DUM36941 31671 juror
David Dumo
Dawn (7710)
EIS41641 42877 juror
Carol Eisenberg
EME25486 81192 juror
Katherine Emery
Cajal's Frost
FAI45551 74611 juror
Melanie Faith
Dad's Razor
FIE26277 17703 juror
Jo Fields
FOX94004 16199 juror
Art Fox
Man with Ladder
GER89012 81476 juror
Kathleen Gerber
Birds on a Wire
GOO98714 27804 juror
Marita Gooteee
GRE05258 49416 juror
Paul Greenberg
VW Beatle, North Adams, MA
GRO32516 47139 juror
Maree Grosser
HAR61948 29773 juror
Melinda Green Harvey
Secrets to a Cooler Room
HUL29379 67283 juror
Jodie Hulden
Photo Quatrain 1
IRE35364 32946 juror
Chris Ireland
6pm Checking Messages 2006
JOH62686 86178 juror
Bill Johnston, Jr.
LAD53236 90559 juror
Thomas Ladd
Snow and Fence
MAC06339 49529 juror
Lesley MacGregor
Left Behind
MOR99268 61675 juror
C E Morse
Don't Cry: a Gallon's Worth of Regret
RUS73771 03034 juror
Jenny Rusby
The Kitchen Sink
STO24104 46262 juror
Wendy Stone
Labor Day
THO71669 59831 juror
Judith Thorpe
Breathing the Everyday #9
WAR70164 26602 juror
Franek Wardynski
Hooooney Bucket
YOU28092 27425 juror
Beamie Young

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