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The Poetry of the Ordinary

Deadline for submissions: Oct 17, 2022
Prints due: Nov 16, 2022
Exhibition: November 30 - December 22, 2022

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

Poetry2022 Installation27
Geoffrey Agrons
Maize Dysplasia
Poetry2022 Installation06
Emma Backer
Boardwalk to Nowhere
Poetry2022 Installation18
Terry Barczak
At the Bar
Poetry2022 Installation02
Bonnie Bishop
The Man's Hat Store
Poetry2022 Installation16
Rhonda K Bratton
Poetry2022 Installation03
Jordan Douglas
My Father's Things, Contact Grid #4
Poetry2022 Installation07
Cynthia Fleury
Skivvies on the Line
Poetry2022 Installation25
Victoria Gewirz
Poetry2022 Installation19
Victoria Gewirz
Lucky Stripe
Poetry2022 Installation12
Daniel Goldberg
Poetry2022 Installation05
Ellen Goodman
Rainy Day Hopscotch
Poetry2022 Installation10
Kate Green
Landscape of a Horse
Poetry2022 Installation09
Nicholas Guilbert
Waiting For Spring
Poetry2022 Installation33
B Clayton Hart
Bag Pipes at Sunrise
Poetry2022 Installation31
Don Heiny
Blue Breeze
Poetry2022 Installation22
Stephen Hoffman
Poetry2022 Installation08
Leonard Jewler
Morning After Arrival
Poetry2022 Installation49
Matthew Kamholtz
In the Rain, Philadelphia, PA, 2016
Poetry2022 Installation48
Peter Kowalchuk
Poetry2022 Installation28
Elwira Kruszelnicka
Meeting in the Kitchen
Poetry2022 Installation32
Sulfiati Meariam Magnuson
Nakawa Market, Kampala Uganda3
Poetry2022 Installation15
Lawrence Manning
Cindy the Artist
Poetry2022 Installation30
Valerie Mayer
Poetry2022 Installation13
Patricia Mcelroy
Not Alone
Poetry2022 Installation21
Dai Nakamura
Alice in Wonderland from The Solitude Standing series
Poetry2022 Installation20
Julie O'Connor
Grandmother, Granddaughter
Poetry2022 Installation04
Lawrence Perlman
Dog In a Jacket
Poetry2022 Installation01
Michael Rainey
Laya Running Down the Embankment
Poetry2022 Installation26
Angela Ramsey
Three Stooges
Poetry2022 Installation23
John Sarsgard
Two Workers on a Break, Centro Habana
Poetry2022 Installation11
D. Dangott
Another World / Study No. 5
Poetry2022 Installation24
Michael Seif
Brooklyn Friends
Poetry2022 Installation29
Wendy Stone
Paws, Legs and Feet
Poetry2022 Installation14
Allan Syphers
The Reality Of Fantasy
Poetry2022 Installation17
Mike Voss
Morning Sidewalk
Poetry2022 Installation34
Poetry2022 Installation35
Poetry2022 Installation36
Poetry2022 Installation37
Poetry2022 Installation38
Poetry2022 Installation39
Poetry2022 Installation40
Poetry2022 Installation41
Poetry2022 Installation42
Poetry2022 Installation43
Poetry2022 Installation44
Poetry2022 Installation45
Poetry2022 Installation46

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