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The Poetry of the Ordinary

Deadline for submissions: Oct 17, 2022
Prints due: Nov 16, 2022
Exhibition: November 30 - December 22, 2022

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

21X17565 51664 for web
Streetmax 21
AMM82136 36189 for web
Claudia Ammirata
Rise and Shine
AND69053 57942 for web
Robert Anderson
AND69053 69296 for web
Robert Anderson
ANS54587 49121 for web
Charles Anselmo
Malecon Electrics #12
BEE13685 68633 for web
Jan Beesley
BRA10147 33857 for web
Rhonda K Bratton
Highway 84
BRE61271 36564 for web
Keith Brenner
Slowing Down
BRO65216 24638 for web
Kate Brogdon
Why Did the Cat Cross the Road?
CAS50786 60478 for web
Lydia Cassatt
The Olsen House
DAV62048 65353 for web
Palmer Davis
Popsicle Stand
DE 13317 36499 for web
Sheila de Lemos
DIL58522 00558 for web
Dennis Dilmaghani
Margot's Childhood Bedroom - Chicago, IL
ELL79335 57218 for web
Aaron Ellison
Sidewalk Conversation
FAL53118 34286 for web
Alex Falconer
FLE84468 74144 for web
Pamela Flesner
Untitled 5
FLE84468 78355 for web
Pamela Flesner
Untitled 2
FUE06703 40332 for web
Frank Fuerst
Laundry Day
GHA72265 84486 for web
Nikita Ghate
(Don't) Look Away
GRE65902 58804 for web
Richard Greene
Bushwick #1
HAR62638 34399 for web
B Clayton Hart
Elmsford Bus Stop
HEN10386 59617 for web
Robert Henssler
Bridal Suite
KAY99245 81182 for web
Elizabeth Kayl
The Lunch Break
KAZ01423 36462 for web
Eftychia Kazouka
Bus Stop
KER58494 95381 for web
Zhi Shen Kerk
The Reader
LON01054 80581 for web
Kristin Long
Emu Feathers
MAR69099 01894 for web
Joseph Marano
Night Music
OWE16185 23022 for web2
Christine Owen
Boy with Lizard
RAI23804 46688 for web
Michael Rainey
Nan Preparing Garden
DAN75317 93657 for web2
D. Dangott
Another World / Study No.7
ROS51901 95705 for web
Paul Arno Rose
Hiawatha Morning Dream
SEI11943 45952 for web
Michael Seif
Three on a Stoop
SIM57249 85649 for web
JF Simpson
STA61773 33455 for web
Stephen Starkman
Handprints in Yellow and Black
STO24104 98587 for web
Wendy Stone
Bath Time
TAN63762 04953 for web
Joshua Tann
TAS80923 55613 for web
Katie Tasch
TOR80645 29997 for web
VC Torneden
Untitled (Sneak Joint)
UHL19498 59754 for web
Jessica Uhler
Within Herself
WEI04748 78748 for web
Allan Weitz
Stake Truck

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