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Deadline for submissions: Jun 13, 2022
Opening reception July 29th, 4-7pm
Prints due: Jul 14, 2022
Exhibition: July 28 - August 20, 2022

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ANO97377 65727 juror
Mitchell Anolik
Misty Delaware Shore
ASK76683 20319 juror
Elli Asker
The Tree of Life
BEL43924 81266 juror
Jaime Belden
Dancing Under the Stars
BRY53222 79823 juror
Theresa Bryson
Winter Marsh at Dusk
BUS50396 47603 juror
Marie Bush
Columbia Cheer
CAN24703 36078 juror
Jessica Cantlin
CAR71525 15828 juror
Kate Carpenter
Metamorphoses (VI)
CAS43654 40645 juror
Lisa Cassell-Arms
Dialogue of Trees
COO78955 71272 juror
Dusty Cooper
Reaching in the Fog
ELY28064 44967 juror
Allyson Ely
Reflection: Tree and Koi
FAJ59335 84751 juror
Karin Fajersson
Birds' Resting Tree
FEA98935 62488 juror
Mike Fear
Last Light on the Poplars
FIE26277 40269 juror
Jo Fields
FRI74102 25844 juror
Dennis Fritsche
Cottonwoods with Spring Foliage
FUL94758 86291 juror
Sally Fuller
GIL22529 26898 juror
Roger Gilroy
Street Shadow
GIU33503 32865 juror
Battista Giupponi
The Places of the Mind
HOS95679 52462 juror
Jun Hoshino
Untitled K-5
JOM69042 16635 juror
Marcel Jomphe
KRE39064 14657 juror
Deb Kreimborg
The Wood Owl
MAC22448 80069 juror
Diane MacDonald
Winter Robes
MAN07427 02351 juror
Lawrence Manning
MAS64976 48526 juror
Andrea Schwartz Massalski
Sophie-Gips Hofe, Berlin, Germany
MIC74121 13052 juror
Kerry Michaels
Snowmelt 2
ONE90852 84432 juror
Thomas O’Neal
Dream With No Name
POW53731 74311 juror
Alice Pownall-Gray
Gentle Branch
POW66413 94755 juror
Mike Powney
Ancient Ones: The Guardian
RAY98168 63823 juror
Ian Raymond
Reflection, Perley Pond
ROW57128 19019 juror
Russ Rowland
Snow Dancers
SAG85676 71731 juror
Amelia Sagone Rattew
Hansel and Gretel
SCH55718 68299 juror
Kenneth Schuster
We'll Always Have Parrish
SEG49817 74923 juror
Dennis Segers
Aspen Glow
SHA02681 23294 juror
Kerry Sharkey-Miller
High Tide Salvador Brazil
SIL44079 80216 juror
Ed Silvester
Woodland Path
VID66649 74566 juror
Arlene Vidor
North Yorkshire
WAC38966 60052 juror
Peter Wach
Nearing Deersville, Ohio, May 2, 2020
WAT88509 47617 juror
Jan Watten
Gibbons Triptych
WHI37575 76288 juror
Polly Whitehorn
Water Mill Tree Limb
ZHA26229 79656 juror
Zili Zhang 张自力
Autumn Trees
ZOV61819 86903 juror
Chuck Zovko
Big Sur Fog

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