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Shipping Your Work

While we offer free matting and framing, as well as printing at a very reasonable cost, you are welcome to ship us a print, a matted print, or a framed work ready to hang. Please read requirements for framed prints here.

Prints or matted prints are easy to ship; just make sure you use plenty of stiffeners in the package (foam core is great, and lightweight), and take special care to keep the corners of your work well protected.

We strongly advise against mailing tubes; prints almost always arrive either damaged or unable to lie flat. If you must use a tube, it should be heavy-walled and at least 4″ in diameter. 

For framed prints, we have experienced great success with FedEx Medium or Large Framed Art Boxes. They’re light in weight, easy for you and for us, and can be reused many times. Uline also sells Deluxe Shipping Boxes in a wide variety of sizes. They’re not cheap, but they’re padded and tough.

Of course, you may package and ship your work any way you want, but PLEASE do not use peanuts. They make a big mess, both when we are unpacking your work and when we are packing it up to return. Peanuts make us really grumpy. Twice.

Before shipping your work, be sure to complete an online Gallery Exhibitor Shipping Form (to access the form, you will have to be logged in), which is essential for telling us how to label your work in the gallery, and what to do with your work after the exhibition.

Work should be shipped to:

PhotoPlace Gallery
Attn: Zach Hoffman
3 Park Street
Middlebury, Vermont 05753

If your work does not sell and you’d like it returned, you must prepay return shipping either by including a FedEx or UPS prepaid return label, or by paying a $25 packing and shipping fee when you complete and upload the Gallery Exhibitor Shipping Form. 

We cannot hold on to work after an exhibit closes waiting for shipping labels to arrive - return shipping labels must be included with the incoming shipment or paid online in advance.

We will return your work in the same packaging in which you shipped it. Please make sure the packaging is sturdy enough for a potential round trip. Bear in mind that excessive tape inside the box makes it nearly impossible to re-use your packing materials. Please tape lightly.

If you do not want the work returned, just check the appropriate box on the Gallery Exhibitor Shipping Form. You may choose to have us destroy it or donate it to a non-profit organization. This service is performed by a few good people who are not organized as a non-profit, so your donation is not tax-deductible.