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Deadline for submissions: Jun 07, 2021
Prints due: Jul 08, 2021
Exhibition: July 23 - August 13, 2021

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All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

Juror's Statement

One of the first things I explain to my workshop participants is just how hard it is to make a color photograph, print it, frame it, hang it on the wall, walk past it every day and still have it resonate with you.

Color has many attributes… descriptive, seductive, deceptive. It is also an addition, and not everything we add to a photograph works.

That said, this was one of the most diverse exhibitions of color photographs that I have ever had the honor to judge. Some categories like flowers, abstraction and still life were represented in abundance. Often, “effects” and over saturation surpassed some compositions. And, as always, there were many images that were “on the bubble” of making it into the final edit but, unfortunately, I had to make some difficult decisions.

However, for me, the photographs selected to the Color exhibition do work. They represent a variety of genre in photography and they are both aesthetically pleasing and well crafted. And while there are plenty of images utilizing bold and intense color, there are also those that rely on the more subtle and monochromatic pallets. A color photographer needs to have an appreciation for all types of color

Besides the use of color and technical expertise, I was also looking for authenticity, creativity and personal vision. Photographs that make us stop and look… those that keep us coming back for more. Those that stay with us.

As for the image that I selected for the Juror’s Award, one word came to mind… “joyful”.  The exuberance of the cyclist (red, white and blue) pedaling his bike vertically through the horizontal shadow patterns made me stop and smile. And, those same shadows created a grid that served as leading lines toward the rider and the vibrant yellow building in the background. A potpourri of color and action captured in an instant!

On the flip side is the photograph of the repetitive maze of old corrugated metal siding… a shantytown in monochromatic shapes and tones. But within those rusty grays and browns, our eyes begin to focus on simple bits of vivid color… a turquoise bowl and hanging laundry… which illustrate the use of color as a counterpoint to the surroundings. Well seen! It was for that reason that I selected this image for the Director’s Award. 

To all the participants, I say thank you for allowing me the opportunity to view your work! Juried exhibitions like these are a wonderful barometer for comparing your images to your contemporaries. So whether your photograph was selected or not, learn from this experience and continue to put your work out there to give others a chance to see your talents. Best wishes on your photographic journey.

     Arthur Meyerson

Call for Entries

When a photograph is captured in color, color becomes an essential element of the image, whether intentional or not. When used effectively, color can harmonize all the elements and enhance atmosphere and emotional response. When bold color is used in bold ways, the result can be an exhilarating celebration of light.

For this exhibit, we are interested in seeing images that effectively use color, whether to enhance the image, or to create a bold color statement that is the centerpiece of the image. All capture methods and processes are welcome.

We are very pleased that Arthur Meyerson will be jurying and curating this exhibition. He will select approximately 35 images for exhibition in the gallery, and 35 for our Online Gallery Annex. All selected images will appear in the exhibit catalog and in social media.

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Banner image: Arthur Meyerson
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MAN31193 14782 juror
John Manno
LAP71133 49359 juror
Richard Lapping
Meyerson Stained Glass Mexico
Arthur Meyerson

About the Juror

Arthur Meyerson is recognized as one of America’s finest color photographers, workshop instructor and photo tour leader. Since 1974, he has traveled throughout the world, creating award-winning advertising, corporate and editorial photographs, and an extensive body of personal fine art imagery. A three-time winner of Adweek’s “Southwest Photographer of the Year” award, he is on Communication World’s list of top 10 commercial photographers, and was named one of the 30 best advertising photographers by American Photo Magazine. His books include the highly acclaimed The Color of Light (2012) and The Journey (2017).

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