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Deadline for submissions: Jun 07, 2021
Prints due: Jul 08, 2021
Exhibition: July 23 - August 13, 2021

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

BEA84395 54931 juror
Kay Beausoleil
BER12298 62672 juror
Michael Berry
Stone Silhouette
BER69349 82893 juror
Alan Berkson
Red in Yellow
BIS21813 48869 juror
Bonnie Bishop
Two Toned Pontiac
BLA31665 13167 juror
Jeffrey Blakely
The Circus Has Arrived
BLO05008 37455 juror
BOR56011 34618 juror
Diana Borden
A Crowd at Niagara Falls
BRO74234 63395 juror
Derek Brown
Teen Portrait 4
CAV53348 35074 juror
Jane Cave
Brick Lane, London
CHA90802 46095 juror
Rupert Chambers
Color Coded Cemetery, Chichicastenango, Guatemala 2019
CIU24372 75866 juror
Mary Ciullo
Running on Empty
COR12872 37152 juror
Ross Corsair
Port Of Call
CUL39445 11038 juror
Anna Culpepper
DAH45578 12771 juror
Dorie Dahlberg
Foggy Morning in my Neighborhood
DEL55094 05283 juror
Chell Delaney
FIT43146 64001 juror
Amy Fitzgerald
Kayaking at the Walmart Store
FOR27988 11982 juror
Dean Forbes
Metal and Mesh
FUE06703 71379 juror
Frank Fuerst
GER89012 65566 juror
Kathleen Gerber
Painting the Ship
GUE35884 94568 juror
Cheryl L. Guerrero
El Boxeador (The Boxer)
GUI88491 86861 juror
David Guidas
HAN57374 06341 juror
Suzanne Hanson
Cape Cod Pink
HEG01259 87626 juror
Jeff Heger
Red Stairs
HEN44052 74708 juror
Anne Henning
Chairs and Curtains
HER86709 57988 juror
Curtis Hertwig
In the Garden
HOF71896 07723 juror
R. Andrew Hoff
Fighting Gators
HOP82688 33328 juror
Mark Hopkins
Bedtime for Gulls
JAM04496 05443 juror
Janette James
In the Grass
KAL64698 45708 juror
Mark Kalan
Cotton Candy
KLE39072 74335 juror
Christine Klenovec
Upside Down
KOO70252 46336 juror
Ivan Koota
Kew Tips Tipped
KOR67235 04719 juror
David M. Kors
River of Stars
LIN60621 93985 juror
Armando Lindner
Train and Photographer
MAN07427 21879 juror
Lawrence Manning
Folding Fabric
NEM85572 91235 juror
Alexandra Nemeth
Fence Reflections
NEW04966 77239 juror
Bob Newman
Monk's Quarters
NIE37261 76616 juror
Robert Nielsen
Niagara Rainbow
PEA90934 81847 juror
James Peaslee
Yellow, Acquamarine, Gray, 2018
POP10067 05277 juror
Kimberly Poppe
REN69012 19326 juror
Eric Rennie
To Wither into the Truth
ROT97105 57584 juror
Dennis Roth
Yellow Bath
RUS96867 41457 juror
Lawrence Russ
Constructed Color
STR57419 44927 juror
Michael Strickland
Desert Mosaic, Carbon Transfer Print
TUD73978 28914 juror
Athena Tudoric-Ghemo
Misty Morning
WIN12275 06398 juror
Thomas Winter
Black Tire Marks, Yellow Curb 3

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