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Deadline for submissions: Jun 07, 2021
Prints due: Jul 08, 2021
Exhibition: July 23 - August 13, 2021

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

Color2021 Installation12
Hilary Houston Bachelder
Early Thaw
Color2021 Installation34
Judy Brown
Wembly, the Frizzle Cochin
Color2021 Installation26
Honorable Mention
Thierry Camus
The White Cat
Color2021 Installation14
Camille Madeline Coffin
Light Projections
Color2021 Installation20
Dennis Connors
Bicycle Visions
Color2021 Installation25
Ron Cooper
Randale Takes Flight
Color2021 Installation13
George Craig
Pool Walker
Color2021 Installation32
Cynthia Dickinson
White Chickens and Rain
Color2021 Installation5
Carol Eisenberg
Dangerous Beauty 08
Color2021 Installation10
Dean Forbes
No Parking
Color2021 Installation30
Honorable Mention
Daniel Franc
Castaway Color
Color2021 Installation18
Pamela Fricke
Window to Guajiro
Color2021 Installation6
Hank Gans
Gabriel Lake Colors
Color2021 Installation9
Juror's Award
Sally Harris
Coney Island Wheelie
Color2021 Installation41
Jeff Heger
Washing Away Sins
Color2021 Installation33
Honorable Mention
Janet Little Jeffers
Surface Tension
Color2021 Installation23
Mark Kalan
Carrying On
Color2021 Installation11
Matthew Kamholtz
Havana, Cuba, 2015
Color2021 Installation31
Leslie Kiefer
Poppy Explosion
Color2021 Installation4
Michael Kurgansky
Road Marks
Color2021 Installation19
Anne Launcelott
Sylhet, Bangladesh
Color2021 Installation2
Mark Levinson
Red Ladder
Color2021 Installation28
Carol Marshall
Color2021 Installation27
Edgar Miller
String Aurora
Color2021 Installation29
Paul Mutimear
Color2021 Installation16
Arthur Nager
Blue Man, Water, Sky, Maine
Color2021 Installation35
Marjorie Neu
Cathedral Colors
Color2021 Installation21
Bob Newman
Flying Monks
Color2021 Installation22
Albert Normandin
Color2021 Installation15
Dick Nosbisch
Color2021 Installation17
Michael Scandling
Pacific Anticrepuscular Glow
Color2021 Installation8
Jeff Seltzer
Infield in Fog
Color2021 Installation3
Director's Award
Allan Syphers
Laundry Day At Mathare
Color2021 Installation24
Honorable Mention
Michele Zousmer
Iconic Cristina - Irish Traveler
Color2021 Installation7
Frank Zurey
Snowy Egret
Color2021 Installation40
Color2021 Gallery2
Color2021 Gallery3
Color2021 Gallery4
Color2021 Gallery5

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