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The Decisive Moment

Deadline for submissions: Jul 10, 2023
Prints due: Aug 17, 2023
Exhibition: September 7 - September 27, 2023

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

BAI67585 50637 WEB
QinRong Bai
Moment: Sidewalk Light Life
BEC28107 61174 WEB
Stephanie Becker
Anna's Hummingbird
BEC28107 62211 WEB
Stephanie Becker
Airplane Silhouette
BEN52788 98393 WEB
Diane Bennett
BOT04471 46511 WEB
Liza Hennessey Botkin
No Diving
BUS01836 26825 WEB
Whitney Bush
Lisbon Leer
CLA81351 46653 WEB
David Clarkson
Stratford Ontario
COL49902 09552 WEB
Jim Coleman
CON40766 62286 WEB
Brendan Connelly
Plane In The Sky
CUR70367 45511 WEB
Peggy Curtis
Maximum Occupancy
DEN83681 38565 WEB
David Dennard
The Vision, Lhasa, 2013
DIB19637 12559 WEB
Virgil DiBiase
Swallow and Drangonfly
DON58128 53434 WEB
Judith Donath
Threshold (Boston)
DUE10219 20623 WEB
Gary Duehr
DUS81209 85448 WEB
Matt Dusig
Equine Curiosity: Captivating Gaze of a Horse Herd
FAL02433 59832 WEB
Eric Falk
Passing Through Time
FIL26776 29081 WEB
Michael Fillyaw
Fountain of Youth
FRE65918 82498 WEB
Cyndi Freeman
Morning Sun
FRE69152 99541 WEB
Laurie Freitag
GIZ75295 61374 WEB
Lisa Gizara
Hang In There!
GOT85317 93506 WEB
Audrey Gottlieb
Kanella the Cat Stares at Freshly Caught Fish
HAN57374 41767 WEB
Suzanne Hanson
Mirror Image
HEI36866 30132
Don Heiny
Gamla Stan
HEN52289 12127 WEB
Jason Hendardy
Beacon Hill, Seattle, Washington
HER84441 76436 WEB
Dennis Herman
Chicago (2022)
KAU76379 22061 WEB
Bette Kauffman
Decisive Moment
KEL89227 86794 WEB
Kim Keller
MAD69272 21315 WEB
Joanna Madloch
The Gaze
NAN83036 18595 WEB
Shirley Nannini
OHX91807 38585 WEB
Junghoon Oh
Unseen Echos -Figurativ 01
PEN48906 51825 WEB
Denise Pensky
Letting Go...
SHU85025 21691 WEB
Carl Shubs
A Boy and His Thoughts
SOC81954 11914 WEB
Sharon Socol
Untitled Vietnamese Hat and Lights
SUL07159 60888 WEB
Sean K. Sullivan
Striking the Colors
TRU98892 12462 WEB
Madeline True
Peregrine Banquet, Interrupted
WIL32674 15437 WEB
Terry Wild
Bridge Jump
WIL96399 82845 WEB
Harry Williams
Timeless SF
WOL42608 78368 WEB
Jon Wollenhaupt
The Watchers
WYL62153 70353 WEB
John Wylie
Four Young Men and Four Young Women, Osaka, 2014

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