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Portrait: Self and Others

Deadline for submissions: Nov 14, 2022
Prints due: Dec 15, 2022
Exhibition: December 29, 2022 - January 20, 2023

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ACH16454 59816 for web
Deb Achak
Dappled Light
AGE36974 94895 for web
Fran Ages
Carol 2022
ALT11655 49359 for web
Hannah Altman
Telling You
BAI59468 64566 for web
Elizabeth Bailey
Ideal Self
BAR64312 20193 for web
Magdalena Barry
John Barry Graham
BAY79414 65384 for web
Bill Bayer
Ibou Lost into His Art
BLA57985 84738 for web
Bonnie Blake
Lilly in the Tide Pools
BLA83741 78902 for web
Honorable Mention
Donald Black Jr
BUC66971 96481 for web
Emily Buckley
Self Portrait, Exhaustion
CAY21092 84527 for web
Vicente Cayuela
Barely Legal
CIP03125 43935 for web
Jaina Cipriano
Sweating Under Your Spotlight
COB65725 30523 for web
Ioana Cobzaru
Contemporary Julia
CON56991 05234 for web
Karen Constine
DAY34092 28049 for web
Ricky Day
Native Son: Douglas' Swag
DAY34092 48165 for web
Juror's Award
Ricky Day
All Black Kings Go To Heaven: Minkah and Scott
DOM11438 17916 for web
Gene Dominique
DUA16944 04754 for web
Dora Duan
GIB36794 55885 for web
Director's Award
James Gibson
Mom (at the door of the sun room)
LAT72626 01668 for web
Hannah Latham
Paying Respect (Farewell)
LON11235 33021 for web
Honorable Mention
Tracy Longley-Cook
"As the light lies on these white walls"
LOP30549 24529 for web
Amanda Lopez
MAR85185 43447 for web
Roman Mart
MAX05708 03295 for web
Tingting Ma
Lava Cake
MCE58624 79845 for web
Honorable Mention
Patricia McElroy
MCN66283 30737 for web
Anne McNevin
No Trespassing
MIH02356 84588 for web
Honorable Mention
Julie Mihaly
Radius: Marilyn & Maryanne
MOU11209 25463 for web
Samuel Moulin
PHI68114 28546 for web
George Phillips
Sarah and Junior: Dyslexic and Homeless After Losing Her Job at a School
RAM08499 83956 for web
Victor Ramos
Power and Will
RIC13802 93714 for web
Tracey Richvalsky
If I Just Lay Here
ROS67691 13162 for web
Karin Rosenthal
SCH93645 25381 for web
Robert Schultz
Unidentified Union soldier and woman, ca. 1860
STE17517 36067 for web
Ruth Steinberg
Untitled 1 (Alma)
TER38694 68596 for web
Lacey Terrell
The Passing Ring 1996-2021 (Noah)
WIL32674 65053 for web
Terry Wild
Lida 1975

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