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Portrait: Self and Others

Deadline for submissions: Nov 14, 2022
Prints due: Dec 15, 2022
Exhibition: December 29, 2022 - January 20, 2023

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ALL05308 33736 for web
Laura Ally
Portrait of a Daydream
ALL62383 81895 for web
Maura Allen
Ranch Sage
AND76964 95296 for web
Laurel Anderson
Farmer Dad
ARO75614 10746 for web
Vardan Aroustamian
Grand Love
AXE61709 37677 for web
Nancy Axelrod
Cuban Woman
BEN90022 15255 for web
Joan Benney
Mother Tongue Studies 2
BER13098 98208 for web
Kevannah Berry
Afro Flawless
BIT18914 79929 for web
Igor B. Glik
Catherine, Sculptor
BOU76072 52159 for web
Ben Bourgeois
BUR66791 05295 for web
Annette LeMay Burke
Snuggies, Remote and Buck (from the series Memory Building)
DEK26485 40845 for web
Pieter de Koninck
Portrait in Blue
DIE19303 84117 for web
John Diephouse
GAG72512 76573 for web
Michelle Gagnon
GAN72708 39412 for web
Hank Gans
Self Portrait in Gold Room
GOE16445 97751 for web
Isabelle Goeminne
How Did I Get There ? (2)
GOK42819 93586 for web
Nadide Goksun
GUE35884 72571 for web
Cheryl L. Guerrero
HOC69548 94742 for web
Tama Hochbaum
Laying In The Grass Is A Gas, Baby, Can You Dig It?
HOL50954 81538 for web
Mark Holley
Donald and Shirley, Pentwater, Michigan
JOH32578 11044 for web
Fred Johnsson
Joining with Gold
JOS37823 92415 for web
Michael Joseph
KES00632 50147 for web
Paul Kessel
MAH98475 72182 for web
Wheaton Mahoney
Rufus In Oak Cloak
MAR33974 87991 for web
Shari Yantra Marcacci
MAR34927 74198 for web
Simona Hodek Martin
Self Portrait
MAY76735 35423 for web
Lily Mayfield
Cars on the Floor
MCK37479 04967 for web
Jim McKinniss
Ironing Your Face
MEI38451 67737 for web
Kent Meister
Tulsa State Fair, 2021
NEW04966 20199 for web
Bob Newman
Fly Pigtails
PAR41989 47645 for web
Genevieve Parker
PER02342 16486 for web2
Lou Peralta
Untitled 1
RED16595 39157 for web
Sunny Redmond
Soul Shadow
ROB38374 78978 for web
Geoff Robertson
RUS94048 10964 for web
Kevin Russo
SAN14439 87298 for web
Patricia Sandler
The Moth
SAX40787 89764 for web
Jeff Saxman
Self Portrait as a Wild Animal: Elephant
SCH68895 48713 for web
Joanne Scherf
Mystic Forest
SIN86623 16535 for web
Megan Sinclair
A Preservation of Character 19
SIR58818 94346 for web
Anna Sirota
Cognitive Dissonance
SPI22953 09228 for web
Lev L. Spiro
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
STE70479 89211 for web
DorRae Stevens
STO24104 55535 for web
Wendy Stone
Chocolate Face
TRI19281 79585 for web
Leanne Trivett S.
Heart Explosion, Self Portrait
WHI32136 20344 for web
Ian Edward White
Roller Skater, 2021
WIE60667 03823 for web
Elizabeth Wiese
In the Wild

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